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  1. No he's starting three quarters of them you fucking idiot.
  2. How is it any different to attending your club's matches in the last couple of games of the season when there's nothing to play for? Or attending any one of dunfermlines games ever
  3. Different formaf, we are a pot three side making us third tier. That will still be the case for WC2022 draw.
  4. That's not true but up till about 1992 Scotland were fucking brilliant, would absolutely batter Scotland sides of today six or seven easy. It's amazing how far we've fallen.
  5. There are several second tier nations in Pot 3 and even Pot 4. I'm not sure what's so difficult about this. We earned our place as a second tier nation last year. What defines us as second tier? Show me some proof.
  6. I would doubt he cares about it he Is scoring every week he'll be full of confidence. I think he should stay where he is.
  7. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/scotland-confirmed-in-pot-three-for-uefa-euro-2020-qualifying-draw/ I wonder they would out a second tier nation in pot three. Perhaps it's a mistake?
  8. This is wrong. We are a second tier nation within UEFA. That's a fact. Is that why we were in pot three then? Lol
  9. So what it's only a stigma in your head. If he stays there scores another 15 this season gets promoted and scores 20 plus we have a good option and lots of teams will be interested. What if he went to Forrest in January and didn't play? He is scoring regularly playing every week with a clear progression path at his club who are obviously going to be playing at a higher level next t, there's no need to leave at least for another 18 months.
  10. I'd rather see shankland stay where he is and have a crack at the top flight next season.
  11. I could be wrong but I don't think he did that, he was part of the group responsibler I'm not sure he actually wielded the bat. Harry souttar would stroll into this team though, and you all know it. I was 100% right, shocker.
  12. I'm afraid we're actually two tiers above them. Second tier nation v fourth tier nation. I'm not sure we're second tier tbh. 3rd v 5th imo.
  13. What a sad pathetic little man you are. Rangers died btw lol. That's never going to stop being funny.
  14. Well he wasn't at that point tbf. He is now, that's why he isn't playing in the second tier of Scottish football anymore .
  15. Bollocks, he would be starting every week at the level McKenna is playing at. He strolled through that last night and will obviously play for Scotland.
  16. Really? You'd take.issue with Gilmour, Johnson, Ferguson and Hornby? Really?
  17. We've all seen those, you said you saw him with your own eyes and therefore.dismissed his.time at Hamburg, so how many times and how long ago?
  18. You mean like you've done with David Bates? How many times did you see him play? How long ago?
  19. I'm off just now watched all seven episodes yesterday it's excellent, bit of a sort spot for dorados now.
  20. On netflix following his spell last year in charge of dorados of culiacan in Mexico's second tier. Seven episodes, would highly recommend.
  21. Religious people are total wronguns, imagine actually believing that shit. That should get you sectioned.
  22. Aye but what we've been doing has been working great the last twenty years so.we should just keep at it and ignore what other more successful countries do, what would they know. Holland cap 18 year olds with 3 senior appearqnces, and Wales and Ireland regularly cap players with none. The though I don't think there's a rush with gilmour.
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