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  1. Being reported that Scott Parker is a shoo-in for the Fulham job.
  2. Their captain plays for Hibs. Do you see any Hibs players in the Scotland squad? Martin Boyle stood absolutely no chance whatsoever of ever even getting in a Scotland squad, we have at least a dozen better wide players, yet he walked straight into their team scoring twice on his debut. We're much better than Australia, it's just not up for debate. We also play much better teams than them in qualifying, which would also be much better for a player's development than playing against the dross they play.
  3. Good work. Can't say I'm remotely surprised.
  4. Another one who.hasn't seem him. Google him. Causing quite a stir just now. Just been recalled to Stoke after shitting all over league one on loan. Compare him to our other CB's aged 20 . He's better than all of them.
  5. Point I'm making is you're full of shit. You're making all this up. No professional footballer thinks ach I don't really want to.win this game farewell do. You're just talking pish.
  6. Sorry, I have little patience for idiots. Scotland are much better than N Ireland too.
  7. I'm not sure what you're smoking, but Scotland are clearly much better than Australia. There's just no debate at all. Their captain plays for Hibs FFS.
  8. Ah right so a player who hasn't turned his back on his country is a p***k for turning his back on his country? Got you. I don't know what you mean, but Harry Souttar has clearly turned his back on his country.
  9. Bad word to use but it is horrific behaviour. Turning his back on his country, and just using another one to further his career. Appalling. As for the statement above that it is just to enhance his development and doesn't mean he won't play for Scotland that's nonsense. How would games against shite like Taipei enhance his development, especially when he could have been playing for Scotland u21s against Mexico and Sweden at the same time? He has clearly walked away from Scotland to play for Australia cause they offer him the chance to play in a world cup. It's as simple as that. Shameful behaviour, genuinely indefensible for a guy born and raised in Scotland and who has been part of the Scotland setup for years. Also illustrates the farce of the qualifying setup given Scotland are miles better than Australia but much less likely to qualify for a WC. The guy from Hibs whose name I forget stood no chance of ever getting in a Scotland squad (Boyle?) so went to play for Australia. Walked straight into their team and scored twice. We're much better than they are.
  10. How do you know his intentions? I would imagine halfway line is an exaggeration, and one touch out of his feet would have put him in a good crossing position.
  11. I don't believe we've met, but I suggest you Google Harry Souttar and read the reviews he's been getting recently. I would also imagine you probably didn't see him even once for Ross County, where he actually did very well.
  12. Or maybe thinking, correctly,there's more chance of scoring from a cross than him ripping one in the top corner
  13. Who cares, if you're building a stadium to be in for the next hundred years and you're on the edge of the arctic circle do it right.
  14. I just checked, Messi has a CL goal ratio of 0.82 per game, Ronaldo is on 0.78.
  15. Or scoring more goals by miles in the biggest club.game in world football than any other player in history. And when he says 'matadors' he really means 'teams in the best league in the world'. Though tbf real Madrid have been shite in the time he's been rattling goals in against them, they've only won the champion's league four times. As for CL goals, Ronaldo has 17 more goals in 29 more games, with the ratio they both score at their records are virtually identical. Though Messi will have far more assists.
  16. His fanatical British nationalism is clearly because his name is francois and he got bullied as a kid for it. This is him making up for being called Jonny foreigner.when he was 7.
  17. Can't be fucked with the masters these days. The epitome of cheesy plastic shite and should never be a major. Course is stupid too. Won't be watching.
  18. Imo astonishingly small minded thinking not to be 25000 capacity and with a retractable roof. Both absolute no brainers. Will be done cheap and shit.
  19. Yeah I suppose. It's not like they played and beat the best pressing team in the world last weekend, in la liga. La Liga is the best league in the world, and by far the best to watch, you should give it a try.
  20. The vast majority of Fletchers best and most important work was done off the ball.
  21. Its also the type of player. None of those players can defend at all, so are no use for a defensive midfield role. McTominay is he only one we've got, absolute nailed on starter for the foreseeable future.
  22. Remind me never to pay the slightest bit of attention to your opinion ever again. Harry Souttar is developing absolutely stunningly well, is clearly the number one defensive prospect Scotland have (I guarantee you he goes much further than McKenna) and the best we have had for a long time. McLeish should be crawling over broken glass to get him to play for us. He is good enough to play for Scotland tomorrow, and would stand a very good chance of being first choice next to McKenna in the Euro's next year. Only Bates would be in a position to rival him, nobody else. He will undoubtedly go on to be first choice for a club like Man Utd. The best CB we have produced in twenty years minimum. Will be first choice for Stoke before Xmas and be interesting the biggest clubs in the world by March next year. Phenomenal prospect.
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