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  1. Or scoring more goals by miles in the biggest club.game in world football than any other player in history. And when he says 'matadors' he really means 'teams in the best league in the world'. Though tbf real Madrid have been shite in the time he's been rattling goals in against them, they've only won the champion's league four times. As for CL goals, Ronaldo has 17 more goals in 29 more games, with the ratio they both score at their records are virtually identical. Though Messi will have far more assists.
  2. His fanatical British nationalism is clearly because his name is francois and he got bullied as a kid for it. This is him making up for being called Jonny foreigner.when he was 7.
  3. Can't be fucked with the masters these days. The epitome of cheesy plastic shite and should never be a major. Course is stupid too. Won't be watching.
  4. Imo astonishingly small minded thinking not to be 25000 capacity and with a retractable roof. Both absolute no brainers. Will be done cheap and shit.
  5. Yeah I suppose. It's not like they played and beat the best pressing team in the world last weekend, in la liga. La Liga is the best league in the world, and by far the best to watch, you should give it a try.
  6. The vast majority of Fletchers best and most important work was done off the ball.
  7. Its also the type of player. None of those players can defend at all, so are no use for a defensive midfield role. McTominay is he only one we've got, absolute nailed on starter for the foreseeable future.
  8. Remind me never to pay the slightest bit of attention to your opinion ever again. Harry Souttar is developing absolutely stunningly well, is clearly the number one defensive prospect Scotland have (I guarantee you he goes much further than McKenna) and the best we have had for a long time. McLeish should be crawling over broken glass to get him to play for us. He is good enough to play for Scotland tomorrow, and would stand a very good chance of being first choice next to McKenna in the Euro's next year. Only Bates would be in a position to rival him, nobody else. He will undoubtedly go on to be first choice for a club like Man Utd. The best CB we have produced in twenty years minimum. Will be first choice for Stoke before Xmas and be interesting the biggest clubs in the world by March next year. Phenomenal prospect.
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