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  1. I'm not gay but if Messi wants to get jiggy with me I will make an exception.
  2. What a goal, absolute sex. The best team in the world.
  3. Man Utd are miles out of their depth here. Mourinho has left an absolute rabble behind. They should have kept LVG, he was rebuilding nicely.
  4. Kuro

    WGT Golf

    It is pretty good isn't it. Why did you stop? I am getting a bit fed up because it's a ripoff but it's a great game.
  5. Firmino isn't brilliant. They could improve on him and make him a good squad player. Icardi for example, though he's a dick.
  6. Kuro

    WGT Golf

    Does anybody play this?
  7. Scotland aren't as good as Liverpool haud the press. Robertson is one of the world's top fullbacks regardless of anything else. If Barca were looking to replace Alba he is one of the.handful they would be interested in, that's how good he is. You put VVD in Scotland's team he wouldn't look as good either as he doesn't have the same protection in front of him.
  8. And neither do you seemingly using a phrase like that.
  9. You mean people who support war crimes being exposed?
  10. Interesting to look at the population of Scotland, Wales and N Ireland compared to other similar countries . Remained basically static for a long term ime, while others grow. It's almost as if having the life, revenue and resources sucked out of them by London for three hundred years hasn't been good for them. Particularly interesting to compare N Ireland with ROI.
  11. You just need to look at his record. He's been fit and available for over 90% of Celtics games since breaking into the team, yet 'injured' or needing 'rest' for over 60% of Scotland's. At it from day one.
  12. Certainly overrated. Failed with his only crack at the real top with Barca.
  13. This. Most transparent stitch-up of all time. No danger he raped anybody. This is what happens when you speak truth to power.
  14. Astonished to find out Roy Keane is an arsehole. Nothing will ever seem real again.
  15. Yeah, it's not as if support for leave in Scotland was polling at 28% three days ago. It's clearly very popular.
  16. I saw it, disgusting. Would expect a ban for that.
  17. I can't be bothered with this argument. If you don't think population is the most important factor youre an idiot. End of story.
  18. Who said it was the only one. But it is the most important.
  19. If you're arguing population isn't a massive factor you're an idiot. It's as simple as that.
  20. That's right. Population obviously I'd a huge factor, anyone who denies that is deluded.
  21. I don't believe they won the world cup. I think the team with fifteen times their population beat them if memory serves.
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