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  1. I wonder what Ajax think of the Celtic away support eh.
  2. Agree with this. he is probably the best manager in the world but you need more protection in your midfield sometimes. He only has one real DM at the club, and with the money spent on that squad that's ridiculous.
  3. Oh really. I seriously doubt it. Are you a judge?
  4. I don't think you're in a position to be overruling a judge. There was nothing remotely homophobic about what he said. And you seem a bit of a yer da tbf.
  5. Hahahahahaaaaa that's the greatest GIF ever
  6. You do, to make up for the emptiness inside that goes with being an old firm fan.
  7. Sack him and appoint Moyes or Steve McLaren till end of this campaign.
  8. This. He should have 30 caps by now.
  9. Celtic actually have 7, and those two six between them. This is a quarter final.
  10. You did. You didn't specify only this competition is to be considered though. I can't be bothered continuing this, the atmosphere at Parkhead is mince and we all know it. You are just about as plastic as Man City.
  11. Tell that to the people in the Notre Dame thread. I don't know what you're talking about. I assume you agree mocking someone's appearance isn't a good thing to be doing.
  12. I did. You didn't specify one competition.
  13. There is every week, its only European games (where you're not getting pumped, a rarity these days) when there is any atmosphere at Celtic games.
  14. f**k off Pepp, i will always mock a person who likes to use underage prostitutes, Ribery is scum. We didn't know he did that at the time. And mocking people for their appearance is bad crack.
  15. Always is, you can't buy fans. Must remind you of Parkhead.
  16. This is why the English teams are a wee touch behind the top European sides- they can't defend and have no tactical discipline, little game intelligence, and don't look after the ball well enough. This game a perfect illustration.
  17. Told you. He hardly thinks Origi is a better option than Firmino, he did that because they have massive fixtures coming up, a small squad, and the tie was over.
  18. posting a picture doesn't make a shite comment funny. Hes mocking a guy maimed in a car crash for his appearance, do you think that's a good thing to do? Do you like to take the piss out of disabled people too? Is that okay? Of course Ribery pissed on his chips at full time anyway, and Tymoschuk didn't get to go to the WC.
  19. The analogy doesn't work, he.never admitted to.being homophobic. All granny has to do is.genuinely believe you're a paedophile and he can say that you are in a national newspaper. Apparently.
  20. Not really, obviously resting players cause the tie is basically over.
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