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  1. If it wasn't for the north sea Britain wouldn't have lasted a fortnight in 1939. Absolutely on our knees militarily when war broke out.
  2. Topical https://www.marca.com/en/football/barcelona/2019/04/19/5cb9f29bca4741e23a8b45c1.html
  3. I think there's a good chance Clarke is Celtic manager next season.
  4. Just out of interest who do you think said this? 'If it really happens (Pep going to Man City) then in comes perhaps the best coach in the world.' Jurgen Klopp What about this, given someone up there said he isn't good at countering the opposition ''Tactically he is maybe the best. And I don't say that just because he is our coach at the moment." Arjen Robben
  5. I notice that says coach. And did they conclude he was?
  6. Can you show one manager in history who doesn't/didn't have the same problems? Football at the top level is quite.hard you know, it's not fifa on the Xbox.
  7. I've never heard anyone say he's the best ever, he is the best in the world though.
  8. No it doesn't. How do you know it would have been different if they.didn't go.abroad?
  9. By 'all club's I assume you mean 'Rangers and Celtic '.
  10. Nah that's absolute shite. I want to see as many Scottish kids go.abroad as possible, you'll learn much more at Verona like Henderson than at Sheffield fkn Wednesday. Burke just isn't a footballer, without his physical attributes would be at amateur level, Gauld was a wee bit unlucky.
  11. This is completely true, he's already been at Celtic two years too long. They will be filling his head with white about being the ten in a row captain, he'll stay another two years and never become the player he could be. He is good enough to have been first choice for Man Utd for two years now, and has the potential to be better than Robertson. 100% Celtic have been telling him since day one to pull out of Scotland squad too.
  12. Which is disgraceful, tell players they're 100% committed or.not involved, those are their choices.
  13. The point is to prevent episodes like a few years ago when Celtic withdrew something like five players the week.before an old.firm game, then all five started the old firm game. Enact the four day rule.then all five miss it. Do that once and you will see withdrawals plummet.
  14. We can enact the four day rule even with retired players. So every time there's a Scotland squad none of them.play in their next club game. I'm not talking people like Snodgrass I mean the likes of Tierney. Make it very clear there will be no picking and choosing games, and anyone taking the piss gets the same in return. We have to work with clubs but not bend over for them.
  15. Don't agree, any good foreign manager who isn't an idiot woukd get to grips with our squad within a fortnight.
  16. She was elected on a mandate to oppose brexit. Anyway I think you're a bit mental so good evening.
  17. Slight caveat that every single council area in Scotland voted remain, and support for remain in Scotland currently running at 72%. She's doing her job.
  18. Almost every Israeli PM has been openly racist, here's a wee selection- On the 11th of June, 1962, David Ben-Gurion made the following statement at a meeting with the head of Israel’s teachers federation, Shalom Levin:“The danger we face is that the great majority of those children whose parents did not receive an education for generations, will descend to the level of Arab children”. The following is an entry from Moshe Sharett’s diary on the 15th of November, 1953, where he refers to returning Palestinian refugees as infiltrators: “In the last three years [Shani reported] 20,000 infiltrators settled in Israel, in addition to 30,000 who returned immediately after the war…. Only because these 20,000 have not been given permanent documents has the brake been put on the flow of infiltration directed toward settlement. To abolish the military government would mean to open the border areas to undisturbed infiltration and to increasing penetration toward the interior of the country. Even as things are, around 19,000 Arabs in Galilee are in possession of permanent permits to move freely around but only to the West and the South and not toward the North and the East…. it is true that the troublesome problem of the evacuees must be liquidated through a permanent resettlement”. A leading right-wing Israeli scholar, Benny Morris, in his book Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict quotes Sharett as saying; “We have forgotten that we have not come to an empty land to inherit it, but we have come to conquer a country from people inhabiting it” In December 1967, months after the war, Levi Eshkol discusses the Palestinians of Gaza, labelling them a “problem” that needs to be dealt with by making life so miserable for them that they would just leave, he even began discussing the “luxury” of another war which would deal with the “problem” Israel faces. Eshkol goes on to state: “I cannot imagine it – how we will organize life in this country when we have 1.4 million Arabs and we are 2.4 million, with 400,000 Arabs already in the country?” Golda Meir became Prime Minister of Israel in 1969 and served until the year 1974. Golda Meir notably spoke of non-European Jews in a very demeaning way, perpetuating a very popular European Zionist stereo-type, that Jews from parts of the world other than Europe were essentially primitive. Golda once said, whilst addressing the Zionist federation of Great Britain (in 1964): “We in Israel need (Jewish) immigrants from countries with a high standard, because the future of our social structure is worrying us. We have immigrants from Morocco, Libya, Iran, Egypt and other countries with a 16th century level. Shall we be able to elevate these immigrants to a suitable level of civilization?” Menachem Begin referred to Palestinians, stating that they were “beasts walking on two legs” Yitzhak Shamir also referred to Palestinian protesters in 1988 as “grasshoppers compared to us”, vowing to crush the demonstrations. As Prime Minister Shimon Peres oversaw the massacre of Qana Massacre (South Lebanon, 1996) in which more than 100 civilians were killed, this occurred after Israel targeted and blew up a United Nations facility where roughly 800 people had gathered to take shelter. Despite the often used, flowery language he chose to consult international media with, Shimon Peres actively enforced the strategic, zionist objective, of pacifying the Palestinian population through the means of strangling them financially. During an interview, conducted by al-Jazeera, (published on the 30th of December, 2012) Peres blamed Palestinians for the hardships they endure, stating that; “They are self victimizing. They victimize themselves. They are a victim of they’re own mistakes, unnecessarily As reported by Haaretz News, Netanyahu on the ninth of February, 2016, visited the construction of a concrete wall that was being constructed on the border between Gaza and Israel. In his own words, the wall was necessary to “defend ourselves against the wild beasts”. On the 13th of June, 2002, Ehud Barak was interviewed by the New York Review of Books, during this interview he said the following:“They [Arabs] are products of a culture in which to tell a lie… Creates no dissonance. They don’t suffer from the problem of telling lies that exists in Judeo-Christian culture”. Ariel Sharon was most infamous for commanding the Qibya massacre,along with the massacres at Sabra and Shatila. Sharon also used his death squads to execute people in mass numbers in Gaza during the 50’s, especially upon the strips establishment. Other than his willingness to massacre Palestinians and Arabs, it is also important to be aware of Ariel Sharon’s stance on stealing Palestinian land. Ariel Sharon said (as Foreign Minister) on Israeli radio in November of 1998; Everybody has to move, run and grab as many [Palestinian] hilltops as they can to enlarge the [Jewish] settlements because everything we take now will stay ours… Everything we don’t grab will go to them. Does this language sound eerily similar to the language the Nazis used about the Jews? That's cause it is. Israel are the Nazis of today.
  19. Israel are the Nazis now, maybe you should try yours.
  20. McLeish had two chances and Strachan three. And neither are top managers.
  21. Do some more research. I'll give you a wee help, look at who left the club.
  22. The greatest Manager in the World would have though. Not necessarily, that's kind of the point.
  23. Here he is a week ago pledging to annex ILLEGAL settlements in the West Bank (you know, the West Bank that has to be the territory forming the bulk of any Palestinian state) https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/israel-s-netanyahu-vows-annex-west-bank-settlements-if-re-n991761 Israel does not want a two state solution, and has been acting to prevent one for decades.
  24. I just can't be bothered with people like you. Think whatever you want, what does it matter.
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