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  1. Why? He's been average or poor most of the time. To you, but you obviously can't see what's in front of you and aren't in a position to judge. It's 100% guaranteed mctominay comes straight back in, and so.he should as he's a top player and easily.the best we have. Also good.chance of Bing next to.Jack not.instead of, you really don't have a scooby.
  2. Lol not guaranteed mctominay comes back in aye right you are then.
  3. Statto strikes again. Tell me statto, did mcfadden manage that?
  4. Aye that's nonsense though. He's easily our best midfielder.
  5. Jesus Christ give him a chance to at least do it before you mean about it. You must be a hoot at parties this punch is good aye it'll be shite in the morning though.
  6. Yeah well drilled with a good shape and spirit. Just got to iron out the defensive side a.bit,.and with our options wide and attacking midfield we.can be a very dangerous team. He's doing an excellent job.
  7. Really starting to see Clarke having an effect now. If he stays long enough he'll make us some team, best manager we've had since Ferguson.
  8. You see what happens when a player gets a.wee.run, it's only these two games that Palmer has started to settle in. Look at mcginn too. That's all mcburnie needs. He's obviously our.best option.
  9. Who said it does, yet you look.down on Scotland. Your keeping does.not detract from that.
  10. Naismith doesn't offer anything anymore. He's done, that's why he's at hearts earning a seventh of what mcburnie does.. Mcburnie just needs a run.
  11. Is he? Is that why he plays for hearts now? We have an epl striker on the bench.
  12. Really? You think he's played well? He looks good to you tonight?
  13. Anyone could have finished that. Dalgish still scorss.that now. Sometimes you just get lucky.
  14. No you don't, your comments on the politics section betray your views. Like all unionists you look down on Scotland.
  15. Is that right? Can you.name one player I was wrong about? Cause I can make several I was right about.
  16. Aberdeen have already turned do n big bids, they'll get plenty when he goes. He's a quality player.
  17. Told you naismith is done, just like mu!grew. You all had him in your team too, shouldn't even be in the squad. Has nothing to offer.now.
  18. Actually we're about seventy places higher than them so.yes I'm very surprised. It's only unionist weirdos like you who.believe Scotland is.fundamentally shit who.aren't surprised.
  19. No, he's excellent and Aberdeen s will get what they ask for. Pointing out individual mistakes is how people that don't know much about football pretend they do. He's a quality player.
  20. Or maybe go.for the ultra shite ones and chuck on the mls players.
  21. Total shocker that naismith is completely ineffective and like playing with ten men. It's not llike he's utterly finished or anything.
  22. Dualling the A9, Aberdeen bypass etc. The SNP have done a wonderful job.in incredibly difficult circumstances suffering austerity imposed from London almost their entire time.in office and a.universally hostile press. They're easily the best government Scotland has ever had, as we haven't had, since the advent of democracy, a government that puts Scotland first, not once. Now we do.
  23. And I bet all those players when their career is over will say the best time of their career was the time playing under maradona. I'll finish with a wee tribute to the man they call el dios. Btw imagine your team signed a player and this was their warm up...
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