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  1. It doesn't mean anything. Aggrandizement, enrichment, promotion, advancement fine, appeasement has no meaning whatsoever in that context. It's just typical unionist mental gymnastics to.avoid the truth that your opinion is derived from being a raging British nationalist and.thats all.There is to it.
  2. He's been probably their best player this season and is now one of the top midfielders in Europe.
  3. Are Sheffield United a better team than Man Utd?
  4. What is a personal agenda for self appeasement? Those words in that combination don't even mean anything. You might as well admit you're a demented British nationalist who hates Nicola sturgeon because she threatens your nationalism therefore your hate her if.she cured cancer. And the reasons you cite as being good are exactly why she got into politics.
  5. Yeah but it's now two TRILLION. There is no possibility whatsoever that even a proportion of that will ever be paid off. The UK is going to.be trillions.in debt for.the rest of time. The USA is twenty trillion in debt, these countries will never not.be in debt again and it's not even an aim it's that unrealistic. so.getting all worked up about the national debt is pointless.
  6. Mourinho must have the tiniest microdick in the world, that's why he is the way he is. Utterly disgusting human being too, and bad for.the game. Does a lot of damage at every club he's at, and leaves behind a huge mess. Astonishingly stupid move from spurs.
  7. But there are many appropriate places down south, which you glossed over.
  8. The whole thing isn't fair anyway. It's a ridiculous set up.
  9. If we had a Scottish media rather than another country's media projected into our homes none of this would be possible it would be politically unsustainable for a government to be dumping for and nuclear waste (mostly from another country) in our beautiful small country while we didn't even need or want nuclear energy or weapons anyway.
  10. There are many places to build a port, southend, portsmouth, Southampton, plymouth. Dodging the issue. As for the spaceport why choose the car North of Scotland
  11. That's disgusting. Scotland also has the highest rate of MS in the world my sister has it. They don't know what causes it or why rates are so high here.
  12. yes he does that's right. There's a reason he plays for man utd, and none of our other midfielders are at similar levels. interesting you talk about form then say naismith must start a game in four months time.
  13. https://mobile.twitter.com/DAVIDGHOWIE1/status/972219009016967168/photo/1 bear in mind Scotland didn't need any of it, didn't need or want nuclear energy or nuclear weapons.
  14. And just being shit. He's an albino warlock whose legs deserted him years ago,being him along to unsettle the opposition by looking like an extra out of lord of the rings but don't have him in the squad.
  15. Not as simple as that. He said it has to be an SNP majority, not a majority in holyrood. In a system specifically designed to prevent such a scenario, when the SNP are likely to win a higher vote.share than the UK government will. And we're supposed to just accept he sets the rules.
  16. You should see a map of where the UK has dumped all its toxic and nuclear waste. If that doesn't make any Scottish person angry there's something wrong with them.
  17. https://evolvepolitics.com/bbc-chiefs-say-its-wrong-to-expose-boris-johnsons-lies-because-it-undermines-trust-in-democracy/
  18. Totally, i was listening to mourinho in the sky studio are a weeks ago when man utd we're playing and he was talking about all the prolems and limitations they have. I was dying for someone to point out they have these cause he was their manager and they're his fault. Awful manager awful appointment.
  19. Aye if they're talking utter shite I don't sugar coat it. Let's be honest mate he plays for fucking man Utd and is becoming one of the best midfielders in Europe so he fuckin stroll into the Scotland team. I have little patience for drivel, dropped for Ryan Jack jesus Christ. Do you think man Utd are interested in ryan jack?
  20. B ollocks he barely touched the ball, can't move.anymore, can't run in behid, it looks like he drops off cause he is so.fuxking slow.play passes him.by the time.he can control it.and turn, he draws fouls cause it takes.him three touches to control a ball and he's far too slow to get away. I guarantee you any half decent defence would have the easiest night they'll ever.have against him, he just offers nothing anymore he has.nothing left and is completely done. Very very easy to mark he's constantly in front of you and can't run away from.you. His last three goals for Scotland have been easy finishes borne out of luck that a 65 year old joe Jordan buries now and he's sclaffed a couple of them and people think that makes him good. btw see if he wasn't finished, he wouldn't be at hearts.
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