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  1. But he's made a demonstrably smaller impact for.his.country than law, and law was.voted.best.European player.in the world by.his.peers,.which bale.hasn't come close to. Are.they wrong and you're right? and that's two games you utter bellend, he's been playing as part of a.front three for.years. That's a striker.
  2. Point number 3 really sums your depressing attitude up Lol I have that utter fanny on ignore but see.it.Cause you quoted it. He's just a deeply.unhappy and bitter man waffling utter shite, but.its.funny he moans about negativity lol.
  3. Mcburnie should be our first.choice forward for.the.next few.years and probably will be. Teams.don't pay.huge.amounts of money for a played cause.they think he's sound.
  4. Has bale.ever.been ranked highest of European players? I don't think he has. Law.has. Bale.plays as a striker, and has done for.years, you're full of shit. That's where he plays for Wales. Let's have a look at their.goalscoring records... Bale 33 in 83 Law 30 in 55 Or 'only ' 30 for law as you say, giving him 0.54 goals.per game, compared to bale with 0.39. Who's better again?
  5. Yes, that is the reality we live in. The alternative is to enact spending cuts so brutal for so long and tax rises so extreme the economy would grind to.a half and public order would break.down. We live in a.bubble, but its.the only.option there.is.
  6. No, it doesn't mean anything because those words in that order have literally no meaning at all. You said jt, explain what it means. and freaks like you want our country to be reamed forever thats your worldview you utter weirdo.
  7. Aye you mean having a player playing for us who is a first choice for one of the biggest clubs in the world? That'd be shite eh, we don't want that.
  8. Under poch spurs brought lots of young players through, saving them a lot of money. That ends nkw, if I was a kid at spurs on the verge of the first team I'd be asking for a move in January, no kids will be coming through there now.
  9. It doesn't mean anything. Aggrandizement, enrichment, promotion, advancement fine, appeasement has no meaning whatsoever in that context. It's just typical unionist mental gymnastics to.avoid the truth that your opinion is derived from being a raging British nationalist and.thats all.There is to it.
  10. He's been probably their best player this season and is now one of the top midfielders in Europe.
  11. Are Sheffield United a better team than Man Utd?
  12. What is a personal agenda for self appeasement? Those words in that combination don't even mean anything. You might as well admit you're a demented British nationalist who hates Nicola sturgeon because she threatens your nationalism therefore your hate her if.she cured cancer. And the reasons you cite as being good are exactly why she got into politics.
  13. Kenny dalglish was the best.striker in Europe, George best was the best player in the world. Bale isn't remotely close to.any of these people. Typical unionist weirdo thinking everything about Scotland is shite.
  14. No you couldn't, he's not even close. Denis law won the fucking ballon d'or, has bale won that?
  15. Yeah but it's now two TRILLION. There is no possibility whatsoever that even a proportion of that will ever be paid off. The UK is going to.be trillions.in debt for.the rest of time. The USA is twenty trillion in debt, these countries will never not.be in debt again and it's not even an aim it's that unrealistic. so.getting all worked up about the national debt is pointless.
  16. Mourinho must have the tiniest microdick in the world, that's why he is the way he is. Utterly disgusting human being too, and bad for.the game. Does a lot of damage at every club he's at, and leaves behind a huge mess. Astonishingly stupid move from spurs.
  17. But there are many appropriate places down south, which you glossed over.
  18. The whole thing isn't fair anyway. It's a ridiculous set up.
  19. If we had a Scottish media rather than another country's media projected into our homes none of this would be possible it would be politically unsustainable for a government to be dumping for and nuclear waste (mostly from another country) in our beautiful small country while we didn't even need or want nuclear energy or weapons anyway.
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