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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/_DanParis/status/1197211564648075265
  2. https://mobile.twitter.com/bbclaurak/status/1196903373238341634
  3. Really? Outside their price range? How much do you think he would cost? I think when you have one striker at hearts, one in the Scottish championship, and a £20 million epl striker, those saying the £20 million guy shouldn't be playing have a bit of a case to be making.
  4. Not necessarily, but our strikers we have to choose from are at hearts,.the scottish championship or a £20 million premiership player. In paper it's a no brainer. Do you think shankland will ever play in the premiership? If not why not? Will naismith get a move back to that league? If not why not?
  5. That's true, but it they wanted any of our other strikers they could buy them no problem , yet they didn't. No club at that level is interested in naismith or shankland etc.
  6. That would take seventy years, seventy years of austerity and stagnant growth. It's not feasible, the debt will never be paid off.
  7. But you're talking 50% not five, for decades. It's not feasible.
  8. I don't see you demanding Johnson personally condemn anything there. Why don't you expect the same from him as you do corbyn?
  9. Condemning all violence is what all right minded people do. You don't want that, you want him.specifically to condemn just THEIR violence and he on your side. But he isn't a demented colonialist like you so he doesnt and that's what bothers you. Have you similar concerns about Johnson not condemning loyalist violence and literal terrorists and terrorist sympathisers being in government right now?
  10. The Tories are in coalition with the DUP right now, the DUP who today not in the past literally right now pose for pictures and share a stage with loyalist terrorists. So is dorlomin calling on boris johnson to condemn loyalist violence? I must have missed that.
  11. Let's be honest daffy duck could kick the shit out of mourinho. A hardman he is not.
  12. He didn't do it at a life press conference at ibrox with johnny adair by his side so it doesn't count to crazed yoons.
  13. And the people of Ireland have the same right, it's their country too. We artificially created a vassal.state, that does not supercede the rights of people all over Ireland. Did you read that quote btw? You don't think Britain's actions in Ireland constitute 'interference'? Do you.also think the UK I currently interfering in Scotland's right to.the same?
  14. Why should only the people of northern Ireland get a say? What about the republic? We invaded, colonised and divided their country. Can you show British prime ministers condemning our violence in Ireland over the course of hundreds of years not just the troubles? You seem to not be understanding he just agrees with the republican position, as do a lot.of people, because ultimately they're right. Only demented British nationalists can't see that. We are the bad guys. Corbyn has repeatedly condemned all violence, but because he didn't do it in a sash singing the Billy boys and didn't specifically just condemn the violence of the evil papists whilst dismissing ours that's not good enough for britnats like you.
  15. What? You just haver utter pish. Just shut up you total weirdo.
  16. That's naive the economy of a state is nothing like an individual or a household. What will probably happen is eventually our debt problems will lead to our governments using our mi!itary to assauge them. WWIII when china wants paid.
  17. So which Scottish striker would you suggest is better than mcburnie? And if so, why didn't Sheffield United but that player? Could they not afford him? Does said played just not want to earn loads of money?
  18. Point number 3 really sums your depressing attitude up Lol I have that utter fanny on ignore but see.it.Cause you quoted it. He's just a deeply.unhappy and bitter man waffling utter shite, but.its.funny he moans about negativity lol.
  19. Mcburnie should be our first.choice forward for.the.next few.years and probably will be. Teams.don't pay.huge.amounts of money for a played cause.they think he's sound.
  20. Yes, that is the reality we live in. The alternative is to enact spending cuts so brutal for so long and tax rises so extreme the economy would grind to.a half and public order would break.down. We live in a.bubble, but its.the only.option there.is.
  21. No, it doesn't mean anything because those words in that order have literally no meaning at all. You said jt, explain what it means. and freaks like you want our country to be reamed forever thats your worldview you utter weirdo.
  22. Aye you mean having a player playing for us who is a first choice for one of the biggest clubs in the world? That'd be shite eh, we don't want that.
  23. Under poch spurs brought lots of young players through, saving them a lot of money. That ends nkw, if I was a kid at spurs on the verge of the first team I'd be asking for a move in January, no kids will be coming through there now.
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