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  1. Oh really, is that why he was binned by a championship club two years ago? After playing three games and scoring no.goals?
  2. Who doesn't start every game. Mctominay is obviously a better player than him.now.
  3. But naismith isn't a good player at.championship level anymore is he? There's a reason he plays for hearts now.
  4. Nobody will believe me but I shared a lift with Prince Andrew and his aide once while working. He was very rude and dismissive, and sighed.and made his aide top me a.fiver, which is very stingey.
  5. Of course you can that was.used as a criticism of mcburnie, well.he's definitely stronger than naismith isn't he?
  6. Two years ago naismith scored zero goals and got three games.In the league.mcburnie scored 25 in last season.
  7. How many times have you watched mcburnie? Though you make your case well tbf.
  8. Those russan cbs are monsters. Do you think naismith would have outmuscled them?
  9. He does not have average strenght he's very strong and quite mobile. Much more so than naismith. You have no idea why he's picked naismith maybe he thinks mcburnie isn't fully committed.
  10. Yeah, he's a better player than henderson. Bayern and Juve he'd play plenty.
  11. Well that changes everything l take it all back, a game against st mirren definitely makes him van basten.
  12. This season he's become one of the best midfielders in the epl, that makes him rightnup.there. He'd pretty much get a game for anyone except barca or real now.
  13. Well it's fucking woeful PR to vote against it then. It requires a simple majority at Westminster, a majority that may well exist in four weeks.
  14. Well if we're talking about the here and now naismith has played 37 minutes of club football in the last three months.
  15. Aye so vote with the Tories against a bill opposing the sale of the nhs. Good one.
  16. They're much better than the teams naismith has played the last couple of games. I would say he's a defender's dream, no pace or mobility at all, can't run behjnd.you, will spend all game right in front of you where you can see where he is at all times. You can step up and press as he has no threat running beyond you, completely ineffective in the air, not very strong, not a prolific goalscorer, not even an out and out centre forward yet that's where we.play.him. If I was a defender I'd love to be playing against him, he's a total dream. Compare to mcburnie,.6-3, strong,.mobile, good in the air, can drop off or run behind, rattled 25 last season in the.championship. Defenders would.be much more worried about.mcburnie.
  17. Decline since he left? He left them utter.shite and outsider the CL places, they are trying to.fix the mess.he left behind right now.
  18. Not for me, he's a vastly.inferior played who will be entirely ineffective and a complete passenger against any semi decent side. Mcburnie hasn't had a run yet, look at Palmer and mcginn rtf not great for a while then get settled in look really good. Mcburnie just.needs that, naismith is utterly finished any prospective opponent in the playoffs would be delighted to face him as he offers nothing and is no threat at all, might as well be playing ten men.
  19. Aye three or four levels lower than mcburnie plays, he'd get a bucket at the level shankland plays at too.
  20. Once yes. He ripped up the championship last season. How have our other strikers fared in comparison?
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