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  1. I do, as.I've read about it and you.haven't, so.absolutely I do.have information you.don't. But.his.lawyers will have it.
  2. Sorry you just condemned a.man for seeking a bit rapey probably best you don't describe.other people's posts as nonsense.
  3. So he just seems a.bit rapey? That's your argument? You don't seen too big.on the presumption of.innocence which is kind of a pillar of our democracy.
  4. Every woman he has.ever been in contact with virtually has.been visited.and encouraged to make allegations, twist words and misrepresent situations. How do.You know this isn't just the.ten or so that agreed to do.so?
  5. They'll be targeting them.too every day. More will come if they can manufacture anything. They'd love to.get sturgeon. I'm going to assume you're not serious about your.first.question.
  6. If.you.have evidence that he did.maybe you should.
  7. Yeah totally man, trumped uo.charges against the most.high profile proponent of.Scottish independence in history brought about by a.civil servant appointed.by.the.UK government, at.this particular time,.has.nothing to do with independence. Astonishingly naive. Sometimes people become.incredibly gullible by pretending they're very enlightened. This is a good example. If you don't at least smell a.huge.whiff.of.suspicion you're as.naive.as.its possible to be.
  8. You.could also write NAZI on your face so if you ever.get.an interview you'll still be okay.
  9. Of kissed her cheek maybe, anyway point he's as innocent as oswald like another poster said.
  10. Most obvious stitch up job in history and very sad. This is what happens if you threaten the British establishment. They will protect paedophiles on their side but woe betide anyone who.threatens them. Craig Murray yes the sqme.one published an article months ago with quotes.from two women stating they were visited by the police and encouraged to make allegations. One of them talked about.He patted her arm at a reception something and the police repeatedly and aggressively tried to get her to.characterise it as sexual assault when she said it.was.nothing of the sort. Its as.obvious a stitch up as.Julian assange and for.the exact same reasons.
  11. As much as anybody else, he runs around a lot and kicks people, very limited player. You would absolutely start mctominay in front of him he's been fabulous this season.
  12. Really? Are.you.high?..Henderson is.fucking awful.and it's widely accepted.he's quite.lucky to.be.in the position he is,.probably the worst.player ever to.lift the cl as captain. Mctominay has been much better than him, Liverpool don't even start.him.every week, no.danger you'd drop mctominay for him.
  13. Well.He doesnt,.and mctominay is obviously beyter. Do You seriously think anyone would.pick Henderson over.him?
  14. No but he would get plenty of game time like I said
  15. Write anthrax on it.and you.might get.on the.news
  16. No but I would with his 21 year old gf. Unlucky.
  17. Its noteworthy for his age not his sex. He may have been younger, certainly less than half cox' age.
  18. Montgomerie possibly the worst person I've ever met. Complete and utter vermin, just a total piece of shit. Absolutely vile.individual who speaks to and treats everybody around him like shit, astonishing how.arrogant, rude,.pompous, self centred, immature and.childish he is. Horrible horrible man.
  19. The one on The left. I never said tightarse though I mean arsehole. Both horribke, pompous, stuckup, arrogant people with incredibly high opinions of themselves. Cox had.his 23 year old bf with him.
  20. They were young players breaking into the team. He couldn't see their potential and wasn't capable of helping them realise it. Other managers were. He also sold lukaku then bought him at man Utd.
  21. They're literally identical in reverse order.
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