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  1. He's playing at a level very similar to the English Championship, better than the Scottish Premiership and miles better than the level Falkirk are at. He is still worth keeping an eye on.
  2. We can actually, given he turned 18 about 7 weeks ago and is on the bench at the current Europa League champions and a top four EPL side, we know he's obviously very good and very highly regarded by them.
  3. I think there probably was a time that was true, but now I think it has the opposite effect. Its regressive, and doesn't allow a segment of Scottish society to move on as they are immersed in it and reminded of it every week. The rest of the country has moved way past all that, but a section of Old Firm fans never will. It obviously doesn't help when the unionist parties, particularly the 'Scottish' Tories are regulary dog whistling to the sectarian element in an attempt to prevent Scottish self government. They don't want us to move on as they are practising the oldest colonial tactic of divide and rule by stoking the sectarian divide. Utterly disgusting, and worthy only of contempt.
  4. https://www.thenational.scot/news/17834812.tory-minister-caught-lying-scottish-budget-cuts/ Not reported on the BBC at all. Nothing, nada, not a single mention on any of their platforms or outlets. You'd think this was newsworthy no? I think its only the national that covered it.
  5. Football fan Rab, I'm not pretending to 'support' any of the teams involved.
  6. It is very localised, and it does make you think I would be much less likely to make an issue of something on a night out in the States than here cause the person you are arguing with may have a gun or very likely could get one pretty quickly in a lot of places. Most states you can't take them into bars though, only some. They're very friendly people you're right open welcoming polite good fun down to earth informal.
  7. Again though, is that the entire west side of Chicago? Cause the gun crime is like ten areas in the west and south of the city, the rest is a modern highly developed rich first world city. Also in Scotland in a place like Calton lifestyle is going to be the main factor there, not violent crime. In Afghanistan and Iraq combined the US lost about 7000 soldiers, in the same time period over 8000 people were murdered in Chicago. 90% would be young black males and almost all in a dozen smallish areas. For these people they literally live in a warzone, for the other 3 million people in the city its like living in Edinburgh or somewhere like that.
  8. Baltimore is 55.8 btw, just to give you an idea. And we think London is bad, that's 35 times as bad.
  9. You've never been to the bad bits of Houston though have you? Every large US city has areas like that, I can't think of one that doesn't. In 2017 London had a murder rate of 1.6, Houston had 11.5.
  10. That would be fine, but there are parts of Houston a group of white guys walking around would almost certainly get robbed and possibly even shot just by being there at night. The levels of poverty, crime and deprivation in the big cities are like nothing you would ever see anywhere in Western Europe, but only in certain areas and there's no reason a tourist would ever go to these areas.
  11. A lot of that is perception though. New York is currently the safest its ever been, by far the safest large city in America, they celebrate it in the press all the time. Murder rates are a fifth of what they were, and murder rates there are exactly double London's right now, when London is in the midst of a violent crime crisis. Though again if you don't go where you shouldn't there's nothing to worry about. Texas outside of parts of Dallas and Houston would be no problem at all.
  12. Dundee Utd. Take a guess where I'm from now you have that information....
  13. They are with independence. You mean the vacuous and inaccurate nickname Labour types gave them? Yeah good point.
  14. That just sums up how gutting it is, I have zero interest in watching even a minute of EPL football, but those three games there I can't wait for, they're as good as it gets and by far the three games I am most looking forward to seeing this season so far.
  15. Sure you will. If they were league one to start with you'd never have been a Liverpool 'fan' in the first place. You're no better than Chinese tourists at Old Trafford.
  16. To hunt glory. If they were in league one you'd have not been near anfield in years, yet real Liverpool fans would still be going every week cause that's their team. It's not yours.
  17. Lol, you are the ultimate glory hunter, so pathetic.
  18. Not in the way it was for real Liverpool fans though eh Rab, and never will be. They actually feel it,you just act it out.
  19. Violently disagree eh? You want to make something of it? What I said was actually 100% accurate, you.can't just cherry pick areas, we are discussing the country as a whole, and as a whole statistics show its slightly more dangerous than here. That's just reality. There are many and many large areas that are extremely safe that's true,but taken as a whole violent crime rates are a little higher than here, though concentrated in small areas.
  20. Its not really something you can take pride in or boast about though is it, cause if Macclesfield had been the most successful English club you'd just have chosen to 'support' them instead wouldn't you.
  21. But you'll never feel it like a real Liverpool can does, when they won the CL last year you'll have been jumping round like a loony but it's hollow deep inside and you know it. All those people around you with scouse accents they actually feel it and take pride in it and so they should as it represents them. They also inevitably chuckle At the sad sack Scotsman going around going yayyyy us!!! When it's not really you at all, it's just them.
  22. Its a great example of marketing, people with no connection to Liverpool pretending to support them from all over the globe cause they saw them on TV.
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