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  1. Well that is a conspiracy isn't it? What evidence could there possibly be?
  2. Lets bear in mind you want someone to assassinate Nicola sturgeon, so you probably have spent months on the verge of passing out because of the raging stauner you've cracked over this. You know why, and you know who.the What weaknesses? It's literally a case of.he said she said with no evidence either way.
  3. Why would the police and.judicial staff need to be corrupt? Out of the hundreds of women salmond has encountered all you need is ten that hate him. And he's he most divisive figure in the country, hated by probably a couple of million people in Scotland.
  4. Bollocks it's entirely true and what do you think the unionists will be doing with this?
  5. Aye lets be honest either way salmonds crimes aren't nearly as bad.as.prince andrews, but.only one of them will end up in court.
  6. Birmingham city counci were tweeting today they have had to make £800 million of cuts since 2010 and cut their staff from 24000 to 8000. They say they're at breaking point and can't take any more.
  7. That's not answering the question. If government aren't to blame why has poverty increased so much under this government? Why does poverty increase dramatically under every Tory government?
  8. If government aren't partially responsible why has poverty increased dramatically under this government? Have people just miraculously gotten lazier? what's a single mum with two or three kids supposed to do? She can't work enough to.earn enough in most cases to lift.her family our of poverty, her benefits have been cut in real terms for nine years in a row now. InEngland the Tories don't provide the same level of childcare as we get here so what is she supposed to do? Sell a kid? just.be.born rich? not have kids in the first place? If the.government doesn't put support systems and a safety net in place.that at least keeps a person like that's head above water, that's not one but four people in poverty.now. This.government has removed that.safety net. And with cuts to funding of state schools and.massive.tuition fees to.go to university, how.are.her.kids supposed to break.that cycle? A cycle this government has created. how can she better herself and.help her family not be dependent on state support? She.can't get the education required to allow her to earn enough to not need help as she doesn't have the time and can't afford it anyway as this government has made it.prohibitively expensive. And by creating this cycle this government creates generations of welfare dependents in a cycle of poverty as they remove.the social mobility ladder.
  9. He wasn't a sympathizer for.violence he agreed with their aims, as do I. He was hardly.punching the air with delight every.time.the IRA killed someone. He sympathised with the victims of oppression all over the world including n Ireland and palestine, and hellllooooooo we are the oppressors and have been oppressing that community for a long fucking time. He was right.
  10. I know a.CB that would physically handle someone like mitrovic. I'm telling you losing harrry souttar is.going to cost us qualification for.the euros and I don't understand why there haven't been recriminations against the u19 and u21 managers for.ignoring one of our obviously best prospects to the point we lose him. In a couple of years when its.been repeatedly rammed.home to everyone how good.he is.maybe that will happen.
  11. I actually think.rice is going to be much better than henderson. Mctominay would.start in front of.Henderson right now, he's utterly talentless and just a water carrier. Mctominay is a much better player.
  12. Bullshit, doesn't even have hands
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