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  1. They got the shaft from a bunch of kids. There's no way you can talk round that, Albion Rovers would give them twenty.
  2. He hasn't read the ruling, and is a fanny.
  3. You've obviously not read the ruling, the judge literally said her allegation was untrue and defamatory. He used the word defamatory. Ergo, you're full of shit.
  4. I could name another two internationals actually, if we stretch the definition of friends a little, as well as several youth internationals and a couple of u21s. Whether you believe me or not will not keep me awake at night.
  5. He turned 18 a month ago and just made his senior debut for one of the biggest clubs in the world. You're an idiot.
  6. Who gives the slightest fk what you'd go with. You can take my word for it.
  7. Except for the bit where the judge said he had been of course.
  8. That's irrelevant, the issue is whether he was homophobic or not.
  9. No the opinion of the judge were no damages were due because Kezia was too stupid to know what she was saying was false, or could reasonably claim to be anyway.
  10. I couldn't care less what you're sure about, you can take my word for it. Between 55 and 60 caps for Scotland between them, that would be half the back four. The US women's team would not get a single touch inside our penalty area.
  11. They got utterly shafted by some half decent fifteen year olds, they wouldn't beat any decent men's team and would take an absolute chasing off of any professional men's team., probably double figures by half time.
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