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  1. If we consider the game from a Ukrainian perspective it was more than a game of football. Clearly on a literal basis, even playing a game of football seems academic whilst the invasion is continuing. What the Ukrainians are trying to achieve is to maintain their Independence and keep their country's profile high. Qualifying for the world cup would have been a great benefit to this. This is why most people, other than the Welsh, hoped they would prevail. Your compratiats, Souness et al, seemed to appreciate this more. I was merley paying homage to this.
  2. The side at home in the final won all 3 pathways. In the end this was important, as I wouldn't see Wales winning in Kiev or wherever the game was played. In fairness, the Wales v Austria game should have been played the same week as Scotland v Ukraine. As someone who is English, I thought Scotland came out with great credit for how they greeted Ukraine. Wales seemed to have a win at all costs mentality, which is probably why they won. However it seemed distasteful somehow.
  3. 2 less obvious ones for me, though both play for Celtic. I think Carter Vickers as he has played at the top of the championship successfully and could be a Premier League player. Hatate is very skilful.
  4. I don't think there is cause to panic. It was disappointing after half time but 2-2 is still a good result for St Johnstone. They are home for the second leg and the quick turnaround should be in their favour. They were the better side until the substitutions and at least the best players arent injured and will be fresh for the second leg.
  5. I understand your point. However unless St Johnstone are here, which looks unlikely, the league will be arguably weaker next year. There will only be one premiership side coming down. So if they can repeat their form they could challenge again.
  6. I am sorry that Arbroath lost on penalties. However Arbroath have had the support of many here in England. They have raised the profile of the league tremendously. It has been a pleasure watching them the past year. Well done to everyone at the club for a fantastic achievement.
  7. Very disappointing for Arbroath. They have gathered a lot of interest here in England and it would have been fantastic to see them reach the final. Over the season they have been a real credit to the division and given it exposure to many new fans.
  8. I've been following Arbroath on tv here in England the last 2 years. I was very disappointed tonight but being the top side in the play offs is a fantastic achievement. It's not over yet. I was disappointed for Kilmarnock last year so I am pleased for them also. All the clubs in this league have been a pleasure to watch and a great advert for Scottish football.
  9. I think the celebrations and staying in the premier league are connected. Without that level of desire, willingness and emotion St Mirren wouldn't have got through. A team only prepared to mildly celebrate staying up wouldn't have won. The premiership side has to be as committed and emotional as the side chasing promotion. Once it is the final it has to be treated as a one off tie. I thought it was an amazing achievement especially after the way the events transpired against them during the game.
  10. As a Bournemoutlh fan I was very impressed by Marvin Bartley. He played a huge role in keeping us in the league and the run through the divisions. He has a great attitude. Eddie Howe took him to Burnley with him and thought very highly of him. Obviously he is older now but I think he is a fantastic signing for Livi.
  11. Just joined. English fan who visits Edinburgh. I like the Championship the most. I enjoy watching the games on Friday evening. Favourite teams are Livi and Ross County.
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