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  1. in fairness to him he did apologise for hitting the red bull
  2. Anyone ever done the weekend camping at Silverstone ? It looks ace. Another great performance today from Albon in the Toro Rosso. Kubica still struggling though the car is rubbish.
  3. I don't think so because you cant play for another club team then play in the Highland Amateur cup, though some of the players will play for their island sides like the Shetland and Orkney team.
  4. Just different levels, the Thai players were up against it from the off. They never stopped trying though but America were just too good in every department !
  5. Get Involved #bbcsportscot & BBC Sport Scotland Facebook page Iain B McGregor: Let's be honest here: Scotland could appoint Guardiola, Mourinho and any other top manager in the world - it still isn't going to change anything as we don't have the players, ie Russia 9-0 San Marino. That is how to see off a minnow team.
  6. 21:01 'Cyprus fans in good voice' Scotland 0-0 Cyprus Jane Lewis BBC Sport Scotland at Hampden The small band of Cyprus fans at Hampden are in good voice as their team is enjoying some good possession. In contrast, it’s nervy times for Scotland supporters, as at times the away side show they can be dangerous on the break
  7. 56 mins Forrest of legs... Scotland 0-0 Cyprus More frustration for the Scots as James Forrest, legs going like pistons into the box, can't get a shot away amid a sea of white Cypriot jerseys. Steve Clarke's side are struggling to get shots away
  8. bbc Sport Steve Clarke may have lobbed a verbal grenade or two in the Scotland dressing room at half-time. His charges have come out with renewed attacking intent. Captain Andy Robertson has a sight at goal but his effort is wild and flies high over the bar.. probably in the direction of the Toryglen pitches. But this is much better from Scotland, a sense of urgency in their play.
  9. Both Shetland sides threw to round 3 Lerwick Spurs 7 v 1 Kirkwall Hotspurs Carloway 1 v 6 Whitedale
  10. My advice would be to make the most of your time and when you have the chance to do something then go for it.
  11. The whole thing is a rip off with Sky, I once had them giving me the whole lot for 12.50 a month Sports, movies, Cinema, box sets for a year ! Way too much to ever watch unless all you want to do is sit in front of a screen. Now I have a Roku box watch free stuff, take Netflix for a free month every once in a while, One FC streamed live on youtube and watch a bit of UFC and footie with my BT internet deal. Watch live local footie with my son.
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