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  1. Kilmarnock v Sevco 5088

    Good on Killie, big problem with football has always been glory hunters, if everyone supported thier local clubs the game in Scotland would be in a much better place.
  2. Highland Amateur Cup

    When are these fixtures?
  3. Can i discuss Cove now
  4. Berwick mauled over 2 legs, onwards and upwards for Cove !
  5. Happy for the Bully Wee !
  6. Highland Amateur Cup

    Check for Live score https://mobile.twitter.com/ShetlandFootbal
  7. It is listed on the fixture section
  8. MMA Thread

    Yeh One is immense ! Staying up watching the US UFC shows is a bit of a nightmare since the kids came along lol f**k the UFC ! Shame Yodsanklai lost, seemed to struggle with the height and reach advantage of Sana, plus the knockdown first round he was up against it, felt he nicked the second though but in the end the best guy on the night won.
  9. MMA Thread

    Cosmo Alexandre is the real deal ! Pretty tough match making because old Cosmo is a legit fighter with a ton of experience.
  10. Highland Amateur Cup

    Ferry everytime id think, much cheaper.
  11. Highland Amateur Cup

    Orkney is'nt too bad logistically you can be in and out in a day, but Shetland would mean the overnight ferry from Aberdeen or an expensive return flight that can easily be delayed with summer fog.
  12. Highland Amateur Cup

    Yes thats a usual occurrence. It just happens that the two Shetland sides were drawn together in the first round.
  13. Highland Amateur Cup

    Brilliant, thanks for that.
  14. Premier League 2018-19

    Aye your probably right. Hope Pogba gets sold not that it will make a difference to him.
  15. Highland Amateur Cup

    Ok cool. Thanks bud.