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  1. Glenafton 3 kello 3 after extra time. Went to penalties Glenafton win 4-1 in the shoot out with Glens goalie saving the 2 penalties.
  2. Lot's of unusual results so far. Who is the best team that your club has played against this season? Or the best club you have watched as a neutral?
  3. I think the Glenafton TV guy was filming the game. It's not on Facebook yet though.
  4. Lot's of relieved Kilwinning fans beside me that their team got a draw!
  5. Thanks for that. It's posted on Glenafton Facebook now. A good detailed honest report on the football! Brilliant.
  6. It is a shame that idiots at the Glenafton - Darvel game have ended up getting everyone talking about them. When what We should have been talking about was a great game of football! I was watching the game from the opposite side from the covered terraced area where there was the nonsense so no idea what happened. It was a brilliant game with chances for both teams and a very good finish in the last minute to win it for Darvel. Yes I am sure that Glenafton thought and possibly deserved the win. Hopefully they will improve as they gain experience playing together. I would like to think that the committee of any club where there is trouble at a game bans fans who miss behave. It should be in the clubs best interest to do so. Still not seen a match report from either club!
  7. Yes I agree Darvel managed to grind out the points. Disappointed for Glenafton I thought they played really well and as you say that penalty goes in and it's game over. Think Glenafton can only improve as the season progresses.
  8. With the start of the league's just over 2 wks away will all clubs let in visiting fans? Pollok have been all pre purchased tickets for their friendlies, will that continue? Will other clubs be the same?
  9. I seen that . Shocking for a friendly. To be honest I am glad to be back watching football again. All clubs suffered financially so it's good to contribute.
  10. At my first game for ages- Glenafton v Kello ended 3-1 for Glenafton. Crowd of maybe 70ish and £5 to get in. Good game with a few young players on in 2nd half for both teams. Great to be back watching football again.
  11. Bonnyton have actually played well most games this season and were unlucky to not get points from Clydebank. Don't knock what you haven't seen.
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