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  1. Whitletts v Dalrymple approx 50
  2. Whitletts 4 Dalry 1 Another dominating performance from Whitletts, they could have scored a lot more, some lovely football played from the whole team. Let's keep this winning run going!
  3. A great display by Whitletts Victory today with a 3-1 win over Gartcairn. Whitletts dominating the majority of the game played in horrible conditions. All 3 of Whitletts goals were scored in the first half, Gartcairn played better in the 2nd half but did not trouble Whitletts.
  4. It's good to see managers having the confidence in young players to play them in the big matches not just the easier games.
  5. Ajs


    Gartcairn v Whitletts on. Should be an interesting game!!
  6. Was thinking more last 10 years or so In a Junior cup final game😀. Curious with clubs bringing Academy players into 1st team. I know Pollok won central league cup with Mohammed (Sena)Niang 17 and Goalkeeper Scott Johnson 18 playing in the team a couple of seasons ago.
  7. Which team played the youngest outfield or goalkeeper in a winning cup final?
  8. Whitletts Victoria 3 Arthurlie 2 A great performance by Whitletts today, a deserved win with Whitletts dominating the majority of the game, hopefully this will give their confidence a boost and move up the table with a few more wins. Well done today boys!
  9. Lesmahagow 2 Lanark 2. Scrappy game neither team played well, Lesmahagow goal well off side. Probably a reasonable result for both teams given how poorly they played.
  10. Lanark keeper was fouled as you admit contact was made while in the air. Minimal contact was made to your diving forward for penalty and I am sure you think that's fine! Lanark keeper did not have good game today though his performance in qualifiers helped us get to final.
  11. Have a look at Scotland's disallowed goal due to foul on keeper, then tell me Talbots tackles were not worse.
  12. If same rules applied this afternoon as in Scotland game then 2 goals should have been knocked off for fouls on Lanark goalkeeper
  13. Well I am going and supporting Lanark, I will happily give Talbot money as I had a nice bet on them winning 3-0 in the Scottish. If Lanark play the way they did against Pollok it should make a great game.
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