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  1. Chico? Who’s Chico, son? You’ve whooshed yourself thinking I’m someone else. In Layman’s terms all you’ve done is made a bit of c**t of yourself
  2. Maybe you should try getting your hole and it might relieve some of that tension in your arse
  3. If I ever hear or see a Killie fan calling out the English about them planning there route to the World Cup/Euro final then I will point and laugh and refer to Connahs Quay Nomads Thanks f**k they are out. They have been getting ever more unbearable and getting ideas above their station with each passing week this last 18 months Thankfully the Welsh part timers have put them back in their place
  4. That’s not spunk, that’s from that plook on that lassies chin
  5. There’s no takeover or investment as far as I’m aware. I believe that the club are going to use the John Mcginn money to buy John McGinn
  6. Is Nicola Sturgeon proposing that an independent Scotland is to shut down the North Sea oil fields? https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-48077802
  7. This is a very slightly greyish area. On one hand every constituency voted remain in 2016 but more people voted leave in 2016 than voted for the SNP in 2017 This is why a snap GE is necessary and for the SNP to gain back the lost seats just to put the avoidance of doubt from the naysayers to bed once and for all
  8. Nothing really has changed in terms of where we are in terms of having indyref2 I fear this is just way of saying to those of us who are getting impatient “aye we’ll dae it but no yet” ahead of the SNP conference on Saturday Until they set a date for us to visit the polling station then it’s as you were
  9. This is just another in a long list of churches which have been targeted in France on a weekly basis for some time now, which usually seems to go unreported
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