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  1. Three Word Story...

    . Tasmina Ahmed Sheikh
  2. Notre Dame

    This is just another in a long list of churches which have been targeted in France on a weekly basis for some time now, which usually seems to go unreported
  3. Three Word Story...

    hidding it well
  4. What’s the difference between Hillsborough and a cow? You can’t milk a cow for thirty years
  5. Three Word Story...

    meaty pish flap
  6. Who is Joey Barton’s favourite band? Fleetwood Smack
  7. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Best place to live in Scotland is across the border in Berwick Upon-Tweed
  8. Best Place to Live in Scotland

    Leith is ok if you like wanky pubs selling craft beers, coffee joints and student flats
  9. Three Word Story...

    Like KY jelly
  10. Julian Assange Arrested

    An alledged rapist should be investigated accordingly, just a pity it’s being investigated 7 years to late
  11. A Yorkshire couple go to the Costa Brava for a holiday, but on arrival, the wife says "I won't be able to make gravy with your dinner, love - I've forgotten the Bisto" The husband says, "Don't worry, there's an English couple staying in the next apartment, I'll see if they have any" So he knocks on the door of the next apartment, and says to the man" 'Allo, 'hast any Bisto" To which the man replies "f**k off, you Spanish c**t!”
  12. Paddy was sitting in the living room with the family when he notices Brigitte's skirt has hitched up a bit too far when she sat sat down and he yells “Brigitte... Brigitte, cross your legs, the K I D S can see your c**t”
  13. What’s the fastest town in Scotland? Naaaaaairnnnnnnn
  14. Strumpets of yore

    Kirsty Allie was a fine looking woman in her day. She’s like the side of a house now though
  15. By election updates

    While it’s encouraging to see pro-independence parties gain significant ground over the unionists I wouldnt be pinning all my hopes on a by-election with a turnout of 30% While 30% is a good turnout for a by-election the loss of ground by Labour and the Tory’s could be down to the apathy from the latest Brexit fiasco with the leave voters of both parties being pissed off Having said all that though, a gain is a gain and hopefully one step closer to an independent free Scotland