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  1. Berwick Rangers can confirm that four of our youngest First Team squad members have signed on again for next season. Strikers Grant Rose (18, from Jedburgh) and Daryl Healy (22, Dunfermline) and defenders Jack Cook (21, Dunbar) and Aidan McIlduff (22, Glasgow) have committed themselves to the Black and Gold for the new campaign starting in July. Manager Johnny Harvey said “Jack and Grant have probably played a lot more football than might have been expected at the start of this season, but the experience will stand them in good stead in their development. Aidan and Daryl have missed some games due to injury, and they’ll be raring to go after the summer break. All four are young guys who work hard in training and are always keen to improve their game, and their attitude has been excellent.” http://berwickrangers.com/four-sign-on-for-next-season/
  2. Afternoon. First time poster long time reader. I’ve never felt the need to write a post before but this season has finally beaten me into it. So here goes. Your opinion may differ but this is how I see it. This is the worst team I’ve ever seen, Johnny Harvey seems clueless. I have no idea what happens at half time but when the team comes out it’s like a different 11. 3 up away to Clyde and it ends up as a draw? Stirling a couple of weeks ago we had a decent first half then the second half was completely different, the team lost shape and purpose . He seems unable to motivate and manage the squad. The board took a gamble on a young manager and its not worked out. I don’t blame them for this but perhaps it’s time to admit it hasn’t worked and think about a change. Signings have been pretty poor. You can take a chance on lower league players, Lewis Barr has been great but the rest have failed. Far too many of them. It’s like Johnny has taken far too many risks on players unproven in this league hoping for a big payoff. He’s let people likeWillis go because he couldn’t manage him, Todd too was “difficult”. He tried to play from the back and then abandoned it. Loan signings have been terrible too. A six aside player upfront who only played once for his parent club? Risk failed. Knox from Livingston? I knew he was always on the lookout for another club and he’s missed most of the season on trial elsewhere. That was a waste of a loan spot. the 3rd string keeper from Cowdenbeath? Why not a striker or midfielder on loan? We had a reserve team keeper who has now left because there was no chance of progression. The kick in the teeth for him was when the goalkeeping coach was on the subs bench in front of him. An let’s not forget the assistant coach in defence against Stirling! What an absolutely ridiculous decision. We have reserves for a reason and to put in the assistant coach who was so unfit and dreadful was completely embarrassing. JH has made too many bad decisions, gambled too many times for my liking. the post match interview are now tired and the same old blah blah blah. And the officials have done us out of so many games? Utter drivel. I’ve been to most of the games home and away and he must be watching something different. There is no conspiracy, 13 penalties against us, not surprising given that we spend most of the game furiously defending the barrage against us. I feel sorry for Sean Brennan, he’s a decent enough keeper but having so many shots against you must take its toll. and speaking of reserves why have all the reserve coaches quit a couple of games before the end of the season? next stop boardroom. i was at the fan forum and I though it was quite good. John Bell seems to have a direction and a plan. He put it out there for us to see. A few in the room though it was pish (a comment I heard) but it seemed reasonable to me. There are still a few on the board however that I don’t actually know what they do. The current chairman wasn’t there and he’s staying on as a director. It I was happy with the plan, whether is plays out is another matter but it’s the first plan I’ve seen. We’ve been on a downward spiral for years hoping for a cup run to boost the coffers again. This is a risky way to run a club and that what John wants to stop and you can’t argue with that. while I’m hear I’ll have a comment on the supporters club and Trust. The trust seem to be doing ok. Activity on social media lets you know they are alive st least and they have supported the Reserves this season to keep them afloat. They have also contributed to the pitch works at the start of the season. All seems reasonable if not game changing. the supporters club? God knows what is going on there. The website vanished after being taken over by a clothing company? And they are virtually non existent on social media. It was £5 for membership but I and several I know haven’t rejoined because we don’t know how! The membership should be huge for only £5 it’s cheap enough to join. So that’s a reasonable loss of revenue for the club. The schemes the run are poorly advertised and pushed too. Weekly scheme and bond scheme should have far many more members. Given that a director of the football club is the chairman of the Supporters club this is an easily accessible way to raise vital funds but it’s not happening. Annual legends dinner anybody? That’s not happened either. thers always the talk of them having donated £x to the club but it’s via schemes like the 50/50 draw and lotteries that other clubs run via the football club, not the supporters club. It’s a bit of a strange setup. right that’s that off my chest. Happy to stand corrected on the above if I’ve made any glaring errors or assumptions.
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