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  1. Yes he played and was booked , wonder if disciplinary record carries over.
  2. Nothing cleared up. The question was not answered. The question was did his appearance for another team during his sabbatical impact on his registration for the Scottish Cup match.
  3. Well that wee post has managed to quieten the “ doon the brae “ posse for three days. Have they patched P and B
  4. Wonder if the SJFA will look to see if he was still a registered player after his kick about as a tribalist with a well known ammie team ?
  5. When are the magnificent 7 going to appear. Everybody has got injuries. At a Mexican village on Lanzarote some time in the New Year
  6. Why don’t you start 7 minutes before the other team , but don’t count the goals, and you will be ready for them when they start. Banging idea eh
  7. when did u change your name to Darvel legend ya tube ,read back ffs I apologise.
  8. Don’t think I’ve ever commented on your club. You another Darvel groupie.
  9. One bad result in the cup away from a poor season. Two games against Cumbernauld who have spent a fraction of the money that’s been spent “ doon the Brae” will decide who wins the league. I’m sure Darvel will still get promoted but if they keep the squad they have just now they will make no impact on the top league.
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