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  1. The Arbroath Thread

    what a statement mexico get rid dj saved us so many times last season. all players that dont start as you say go in the huff. so then we wont have any subs next season because they go in the huff lets get rid then eh
  2. The Arbroath Thread

    think that was giving offside but could be wrong 🤷‍♂️
  3. The Arbroath Thread

    spence scored 3 goals for alloa in the championship last season comes to us scores against celtic laddies and has done nothing since
  4. The Arbroath Thread

    omar has won 2 titles with us and is due the respect that goes with that surely. and how is anybody privy to know how much omar is on per week
  5. The Arbroath Thread

    omar always puts a shift in scores a few goals a cheap option is an insult to the guy. maybe if some of our more recent expensive signings showed the same attitude they wouldnt get the stick they get on here
  6. The Arbroath Thread

  7. The Arbroath Thread

    correct championship a higher league therefore less time on the ball its all about the pressure you put on players
  8. The Arbroath Thread

    wrong. the game today is to press the opposition to give them no time on the ball
  9. The Arbroath Thread

    hearing that montrose forfar east fife in for doris
  10. The Arbroath Thread

    if i was wallace watching that dross from spence and donnely i would want to go as well how many chances did dc give them to prove themselves
  11. The Arbroath Thread

    desire and heart cant be coached you must have that in you ffs.
  12. The Arbroath Thread

    are you being serious 1320 surely we have to get defensive cover in
  13. Moment/Moments of the season

    so many moments to choose from but hammy doing the hammy at starks park then scoring the winning goal brilliant
  14. The Arbroath Thread

    surely we must be looking to strengthen the defence we cant go into the championship with just 4 recognised defenders as good as they are we must get cover for injuries etc
  15. Airdrie vs The Champions

    was it not 18 month deals 🤷‍♂️