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  1. I believe he has signed an extension. Price said that in his interview after the game yesterday. Was quite surprised by that news too be honest.
  2. I have noticed that about the hunger aswell. That is arguably the most worrying this about this season. Ended up in complete apathy. Also thought it was pretty poor that only Mathew Cooper even attempted to clap the fans yesterday in what was the last home game of the season, in which they have been very well backed and gave us virtually nothing to cheer about.
  3. I agree, i would like to see some highland league players making the step up. Unfortunately a weak Lossie, albeit they had a decent season doesnt offer much options to Elgin, Forres have a few but as said above they don't seem keen on the travelling involved. Sid Mackay i would imagine will have a lot of North based contacts which we could see making a difference next season. Not playing in the Under 20s league this season was a very strange one also. Was perfect for giving youth players experience.
  4. No but that is on a larger scale. Just challenging for the league 2 title would enough after 22 years in that league.
  5. There needs to be a big clear out from top to bottom as there is no ambition just plodding along hoping we're not the worst team and getting relageted You are 100% right. It needs to start from the chairman. Tatters is a grafter and tries his best but we need someone with a forward thinking buisness brain in that position. Morayshire is a very wealthy area. We really need to be tapping into that more.
  6. Totally agree. But Gavin Price is trying to tie most of that squad up again on new contracts. Players like Rabin Omar and Machedo who are nowhere near the standard required. So poor to watch them this season. At least in previous seasons if we lost a game at least we had a go. This season we lose games and play very poor style of football.
  7. Gavin Price out. That today was the final straw. Absolutely abysmal performance again. Clueless in all areas.
  8. I believe he was carrying a knock. But since he has returned from injury he has not been the same. Although the total lack of service he receives it is no wonder he looks disinterested.
  9. I am not sure on that one. Mackay got sent to the stand in the Stranraer game but cannot remember Price getting into bother.
  10. I agree, i believe he is as cupable as Price and i would imagine he probably has similar ideas. It seems to be the way we do it. Manager steps down and the assistant gets the job. Not sure how healthy that is too be honest. Sometimes the players need a new voice. That is 7 years Price has been at Elgin.
  11. I would imagine the team of Sid Mackay and Alex Bone are already been lined up to replace Price anyway. On the manager of the month i feel that Darryls 2 late goals put a slightly positive spin on poor performances. Albeit the Kelty game was a great performance. It is the constant changing of players positions that is very frustrating with Price. But i do agree with you he does probably have enough in the bank having slept on it.
  12. Absolutely disgraceful run we are on. I fear if we do not change the manager now we are on a one way slide to the highland league. Severe lack of quality
  13. Tough games keep on coming. Big test for us today. Will be tight i think.
  14. Great win today. Badly needed it to stop the losing run. Delighted with the 3 points.
  15. Huge game today. Could go either way. Would probably be happy with a draw but would be great to nick it. Looking forward to watching the live stream.
  16. Brilliant news on Bronsky re-signing. Our squad is now looking pretty strong considering the circumstances. A lot of clubs will almost be starting from scratch, hopefully our squad being so familiar will lead to a strong start in what is a much shorter season than usual.
  17. Agreed. I think somebody must have let the club know that the previous coverage wasn't up too scratch. It has certainly changed for the better massively over the past 6 months.
  18. The Colts suggestion thrown out. Final vote to be in by next Monday is for 14/10/10/10 with no relegation and Brora and Kelty coming into our league. Can't see that getting enough support either tbh.
  19. Brilliant news for Elgin City and the whole community. Was held up for far too long by the council but the team did brilliantly to get it over the line.
  20. He actually comes across pretty well. The work that man puts in certainly cannot be called into question.
  21. I am totally against it aswell. Takes away the competitive element in the league for me. Would the colts teams be allowed to be promoted if they won the league in the proposal?
  22. How long do we think before Shane Sutherland is back for a 5th spell at BB on loan? Before or after we are allowed crowds back at the games[emoji6]
  23. I think this might just be the 1st batch of contracts running out. I seen somewhere that for some reason most contracts for players in scotland either run out on June 1st or June 30th. So we could well see the rest of the out of contract boys appearing on that available list at the end of the month.
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