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  1. Elgin City 2018/19

    I know what you mean about them being fragile at times but I do find that is sometimes partly due to the fact there is very little defensive support from the midfield, weather that be in the centre or the wide players not tracking runs and the full backs being left exposed. The defence certainly need to tighten up though.
  2. Elgin City 2018/19

    Aye that is good news. Hopefully we can find a settled defence next season
  3. Elgin City 2018/19

    The amount of changes of formation today was alarming. On Darryl, he was moved into centre midfield after 5 minutes. What possible reason was there to make that change as early as that in the game? I am the same as you I am very worried about next season. I'm not sure I trust Gavin Price to take us forward. Following a good win against Clyde with 7 defeats on the bounce is nowhere near good enough.
  4. Elgin City 2018/19

    Frustrating game today. Shocking goal to lose In the 1st minute from the usual shambolic set piece defending. Mccallister misses an open goal after 5 minutes I was thinking this could be double figures here. We completed reasonably well after that and could have nicked a point but for the missed penalty. I must be honest and say that wouldn't have been deserved though. Kyle Gourlay has had his moments but he has made 3 saves In that game today that any goalie In the world would have been proud of. Truly brilliant
  5. Useless Elgin Twats v Peterhead

    Deserved Peterhead win but the missed penalty could have nicked us a point. Shocking refereeing not giving us a corner just prior to the winner aswell[emoji107][emoji107][emoji35]
  6. Elgin City 2018/19

    I would also take Eadie back no problem. I thought he done a good job for us. Also agree on a good defensive midfielder hugely helping the defence. Soapy is also much more effective with more security behind him. Gives him the licence to attack without worrying to much of leaving holes behind him.
  7. Elgin City 2018/19

    I'm not to disappointed about Lowden leaving either TBH. He started well the 1st few games but has been very poor since Xmas. Would like to see Gourlay sign permanently but it will be the usual route of another loan goalie next season I'm sure
  8. Useless Elgin Twats v Peterhead

    Sadly I would just settle for us scoring a goal on Saturday given how pathetic or record is against Peterhead in recent seasons. Truly awful
  9. Elgin City 2018/19

    We've not scored against them in about 10 years never mind beat them, so I think getting any sort of positive result next week is highly unlikely [emoji85]
  10. Elgin City 2018/19

    Yet another defeat after conceding late on. 6 defeats in a row with Peterhead to come at the weekend. Awful end to the season. Really worrying signs.
  11. Elgin City 2018/19

    Aye he left a couple of years ago. He was there for a long time. Elgin's leading ever league scorer by a good distance. Not sure on that stat but could well be true[emoji106][emoji106]
  12. Elgin City 2018/19

    I would be happy if McHale was available for next season. About time our 1st choice goalie was a signed player. I believe he moved back to England due to losing his job with Moray Council so not sure staying in Moray is an option. Definitely think an experienced Centre Half is a priority. A 20 goal a season striker who will stay a few years and consistently score that many would also be great rather that loan strikers who do ok for a month then that's it. We haven't had that since Gunny lost his place in the team then left.
  13. Elgin City 2018/19

    I agree. The apathy has been steadily building this season. The fall in crowds is becoming quite alarming. The Albion Rovers game was the worst performance I've possibly ever seen. Not just because the lack of quality which was poor on its own, but for that lack of any kind of fight. The fact that Cooper came out after the game and said he could tell in the warm up that Elgin were going to play like that is particularly alarming. Do we cut our losses and appoint another management team to carry out this rebuild needed or give Gav another shot at it? I'm undecided.
  14. The Binos v Elgin City

    Sadly a similar theme for Elgin. Somehow manage to lose games when they play well and a draw is the least they deserve. Need to be a lot more streetwise in defending.
  15. Elgin City 2018/19

    Im feeling very similar to that aswell. JP has been a good player for us. Think his legs are starting to go now but as you say his influence off the park will be badly missed I think. I think this season proved how big a player Thomas Reilly was for us. I think he was very much under rated by our support. His partnership with Soapy was brilliant for a couple of seasons. For next season we need to stop conceding so many avoidable goals. The amount we have given away this season has been criminal