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  1. Dumbarton were awful. Sat back wit 9/10 men behind the ball until we scored then came out. Everytime they got on the ball they fouled. Very physical side who we coped well with. As said above don't understand why penalty appeals for a header onto a dumbo players hand?? Job done. Get something at Stranraer next week and we're just about safe I'd say
  2. Huge 3 points. Looking much better as a team now. Some hit from grant for his goal. Don't know where the ref got the extra time from but hey they're all shite. Massive 3 points very happy.
  3. Only Falkirk player I rated was that gomis other than that everyone else looked bang average. Cheers for the (much needed) 3 points again x
  4. Just looking forward to getting back to broadwood after being away games for ages!!
  5. The long ball game that Danny loves happened. We kept the ball on the deck against yous and played outstanding. We ping it up in the air again and it never works.
  6. Dear falkirk, please make it fast and painless cheers x
  7. Ref was poor but can't blame him for our inability to play football
  8. Shite. Shite. Shite. Tactics all wrong (AGAIN). Dog fight now between us forfar and cheaterhead
  9. Fucking shocking tactics from Danny. Back to long ball and high balls in which doesn't work. Absolutely raging we didn't play like we did on Saturday. Fed up with this now
  10. Same starting XI as Saturday, same mentality with the addition of Johnston as a super sub should be Clyde's game..
  11. Play like we did against raith but actually take our chances and we'll win. Confident of at least a point but who says we can't make it 3 wins out of 3 so far against Falkirk this season?
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