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  1. Apart from the link on the website, it would be worth knowing what else you expect the club to do since the tickets went live. The club has posted about tickets 15 times in the past 3 days on social media, each account having thousands of followers. They sent a direct email out about the Aberdeen game yesterday with a mention of getting along to the derby on Friday. John McGlynn himself has urged supporters to buy tickets in press interviews and the pre-match interview on RaithTV yesterday (posted on the website and social media). With over 24 hours until kick-off, and ticket barcodes being emailed to people’s phones (meaning paper tickets don’t need collected in person), there will be more social media posts to come along with ticket details in the weekly Digest mailout tomorrow. But yeah, pretty pathetic apart from that [emoji15]
  2. Another lesson would be not to take meetings with arsehole fans that blab everything discussed on here. Just sayin’ likes….
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