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  1. I think I might become an Annan supporter. Just for a week or so. I'll decide next Saturday night. It's a lot closer than Elgin.
  2. I'm not JH either. Or even related to him. Do I get a prize? If so, just beat Clyde 13-0 and we can call it quits. I'm not a greedy man.
  3. He predicts Berwick will be relegated first, and only then successive promotions. I would prefer it the other way round.
  4. Quite so. Edinburgh took a late season dive to raise Berwick to the heady heights of 8th with 37 points. This season with 3 games to go we have amassed barely half that. Still, Edinburgh have bounced back this year so there's hope yet...
  5. And another thing. For the last 2 seasons Berwick have only survived because another team have plummeted to the bottom and kept 10th place occupied below us. Last year it was Cowdenbeath. They languished at the bottom all year with 22 points in the end was it? This year we might not even match that. Yet we still have another team in a death spiral that might yet just about save us from bottom - Albion. Bottom line is Berwick's problems are not recent and certainly not since JH arrived. And he has to shore up the dykes before even thinking about planting seeds for a better future. It doesn't help to blame him for the state he found them in when he arrived. He looks keen. Let's back him.
  6. Agreed except that this year there really should be 2 teams going down. Both Berwick and Albion are so far away from 8th it's embarrassing. But rules is rules and I'll support the team until the end in hopes of better next year.
  7. Well said. I really don't know how JH or anybody else can motivate a team when the so called supporters are undermining him in public. Shut up and back the team.
  8. Relax guys. 3 weeks to go. Back the team. Back the manager. Then you get 3 months to moan and whinge as much as you like. This is not that time. This is the time to be strong and back the team.
  9. I bet this has been JH's secret masterplan all along.
  10. No need to worry. All we need to do is win our last 3 games while Albion lose their last 3 and the sfa take back their 3 free points. By my reckoning that makes us safe by 10 points. Easy peasy.
  11. But there are other sanctions available to deal with this. Dock them 5 points? Relegate them, like Rangers a few years ago?
  12. That's just the conflict that comes from supporting the team and supporting the game. But ultimately we would all agree that the game has to prevail.
  13. The problem with a replay, apart from squeezing it in, is that neither team deserves it. Clyde because they are the guilty party and Albion because they would have lost anyway. Why should either get another bite at the cherry?
  14. What you mean is ARGUABLY suffer. But in the real world we all know Albion would have lost anyway. No team should get free points.
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