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  1. There's a lot of commotion about Lloyd Cole and I know the other signing will turn out to be the real Kakay.
  2. Match day prediction: Celtic's filthy corrugated iron pigsty to fall down and do the rest of Glasgow a favour.
  3. Announce Jacqui Low marauding down Firhill St with the warpaint on.
  4. This McGarry guy has only appeared on the scene since Caldwell / Painted face arrived, my money is on Painted Face feeding sh**e to the papers and making us tabloid fodder. Good riddance she's gone, although you wonder why she got to where she did in the club.
  5. Manpreet at 8/11 in parallel Cuddliest Mascot competition.
  6. Saw him booking into a hotel in Kinross along with other golfers a while back. Still looks like he'd do us a turn. Was some player.
  7. His brother Jock can play a good supporting role too.
  8. Menny Killer no good. Ball just bounces off him. Shea Gordon Rubbish. Saunders a huge liability. Mid-table season ahead (at best).
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