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  1. Got to pick the home end! Neutral football fan staying up this way on holiday. Looks like i’ve picked a cracker of a game to watch judging by the chat on this thread.
  2. What’s the deal with tickets for this? Haven’t been to see St Johnstone for years. Is it still cash on the gate? Tried emailing their ticket office but no reply.
  3. My post wasn't directed at Linlithgow Rose specifically but is a general observation of Scottish Football. Some clubs seem to do the match day really really well but a lot struggle. Who does the best match day experience in the Championship? It sounds like Falkirk are top of the list from these comments and from what I've seen elsewhere (NB I'm not a Falkirk fan). I'd say ticket buying/gates; access to bars; atmosphere in the stadium, creative ways to engage fans and player interaction are all pretty critical.
  4. Why is the fan experience so rubbish at so many scottish football clubs! Some clubs do it so well but the vast majority don't. I feel like a new brand new fan every time I go to my club even though I've been a fan for years and years, I have to go down and pay for a ticket in cash and get a paper ticket back, I'm asked to enter a raffle every time I go, are there no other ways of raising money?! I'll all for supporting my club but it feels like I'm stepping back in time.
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