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  1. As expected, a fairly innocuous thread descends into a fuckin slanging match. Kill football now and most of you morons would argue about netball tomorrow.
  2. You can over simplify the guys argument all you want. What he's saying is a Triple 14 league system will keep the money rich clubs in the top 8 and the cash strapped clubs way down at the bottom. Im just tired of how disrespectful or uncaring or however you want to describe it, the top teams,(the ones with money), really couldn't give a rats arse about the Brechins the the Clydes or my team Forfar. This whole debacle has made me sit back and question how Scottish football can go forward. Im really struggling to find an answer. Even without the football, daggers are drawn at each others throats.,
  3. Apparently those "wet markets" have just been reopened after the lockdown over there has been relaxed.
  4. Its complacency and a lackadaisical attitude to it thats the killer and the trouble is with that attitude its not the person that catches its fault is the person thats spreading it because they think they aren't going to catch it or its just a wee flu when it isn't. This.
  5. It would be wrong to compare the Covoid-19 virus with seasonal flu. Scientists can pretty much forecast the end of a seasonal flu and predict quite accurately morbidity rates amongst those infected. With Covoid-19 they are dealing with a virus they havnt seen before. Previous incarnations of this virus were the Sars outbreak and the Mers outbreak. Information gathered on the outbreak reveals that infection isn't uniform across the globe, it varies greatly. Another example of an unknown quantity. It appears those studying this outbreak are learning more about it as it expands. As opposed to seasonal flu, (which they know a great deal about), where there is a vaccine, there isn't one for this new virus. So, in my humble opinion, to those that say,"its just a bit of flu", or "lets just get back to normal", I think you're wrong. Discuss.
  6. But money talks. Im assuming he'd be offered significantly more than he's getting at Forfar. But him leaving would be a massive blow.
  7. You forgot to include the word nazi in your reply.
  8. Settle petal, you’ll break one of your painted nails on the keyboard if you keep hitting it that hard.
  9. Says you with slightly less green dots compared to actual posts you've made. Shitposting you say? You'd know.
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