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  1. Forfar Athletic News 2018 onwards

    Some dreams.
  2. Forfar Athletic News 2018 onwards

    You’re not the mascot are you?
  3. Forfar Athletic News 2018 onwards

    Really? You actually look forward to buying a double folded bit of nonsense that has the team lines and then 75 adverts for various tractor fixers?. Next you'll be saying that pile of foam covered shite called Baxter the Bridie brings in much needed revenue just by standing there. As far as mascots go he's woeful. Just stop.
  4. Oh just f**k off! Enjoy you're win over the two legs but for fucks sake being a shitesteerer is extremely unflattering!
  5. ^^^verge of tears You need to do better.
  6. I see you've only posted two comments. After seeing you're second one Id recommend you stop there.
  7. Fancy fluffing up the teamlines at a time like this!
  8. Moment/Moments of the season

    Get this self congratulatory thread away to f**k.
  9. Subscribed to listen to the Raith TV audio. f**k me. Its gash!
  10. Oh no! Despite my best efforts, South of England isn't able to accommodate Raith TV!!!!. What to do? Is it updates via the bbc sport page?
  11. Ive heard Jonaton Johansson has become available.
  12. Is there a one of payment/subscription option for us far flung fans?