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  1. there you go. The village idiot has replied.
  2. Not only have you completely misunderstood the post, Billy Big Baws. But your attempt at a comeback has made a right tit of yourself. "Rattled" Whose rattled? Me? No!
  3. Wow. Billy Big Baws team, not only doesnt win. But Billy Big Baws team doesn't score either. League 2 for this pish. League one is SO pish, meh, meh, meh
  4. Im pretty sure I didn't. Feel free to get as aggressive as you want but be careful you don't break a nail on the keyboard.
  5. You say that £12-£18 is too expensive for a league one game? But how much would you expect to pay for such a game? £18 isn't a lot of money and Id expect some clubs are operating at the absolute minimum just to keep going. I realise that Falkirk are having a bit of a hiatus from their usual Championship haunts but if ever there was a club that needs to tighten its wallet its Falkirk.
  6. I have no idea why you'd think re-posting this gives you or Morton any kudos whatsoever.
  7. I think it was the aggressive "Put up or shut up" quote that got me into this.
  8. Im pretty sure this is the guy called Lovegrove.
  9. Just seen yogi’s pre interview car crash on the BBC. He’s not getting the position. Ever. Again.
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