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  1. No team can carry passengers like Cardle. One trick pony he's finished
  2. You never know. He might be part of the coaching staff one day.
  3. Nothing shocks me in this crazy game is it a good move time will tell.
  4. He couldn't even get a start at Alloa or Arbroath. Strange signing for Hamilton hope am wrong as he's a nice lad Pars don't keep strikers Shankland White Smith And many others now trading there football at higher levels
  5. Callum Smith a two year deal at Hamilton. God knows what clubs see in him Alloa on loan Disaster Arbroath on loan Disaster Airdrie on loan Poor I might be wrong but how can he make an impact in the top flight. Over the past three years was very rarely in the pars first team Squad
  6. I might be wrong but in the first 2/3 seasons he only played something like 40 games must have been close to being freed a few times. But he became a huge part of the team over the last 5 years could have played full time no problem
  7. Alex Smith once said to me Flanny was one of the best players he had worked with
  8. Sorry guys to say am shocked is an understatement. Thought he had at least 2 more years in him. He has been worried with back pain over the last few years. One of the best to wear a alloa strip.
  9. Flanney will sign always the last. Ohara am sure will have a few offers do just wait and see on that one
  10. Don't think he's good enough for the top flight
  11. The Gaffer working hard to bring players in as well as signing current squad players. Need two strikers and two centre halfs. Woukd take Ricky lamie from Livi. And Ashcroft from pars if both fancy pt club
  12. Lol lol 2M your mad. 500.000 plus add ons. To which won't matter he's at the levels to which he's an average player any higher and he will fail. But money speaks. One big move and he's made
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