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  1. Another tough game as all games will probably be. I know the team won't be over confident unlike some on here.
  2. £15 pay by contactless at gate or go to the window and buy a ticket if you only have cash
  3. Felt sorry for big mcniff. I won't forget his contribution last season
  4. Lang is a fantastic player. For anyone to say anything different is nonsense.
  5. Not going by what he was saying at GB awards night
  6. Really. Which one were you.? No need for the homophobic comments. It's 2019
  7. You obviously weren't trendy back in the day. The trendiest guys I seen was some dude with a mohican. And his wee mate. Was it you??
  8. Yaaaasss good prospect. Ignore rumours the guys a has been
  9. Was open the 2 times I went with clyde
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