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  1. I think this post may have been missed during the couple of days of inactivity on the thread, but I would still like to know what the general feeling would be about this? More hassle than it's worth or a possible earner for the club? Opposition team in after games for drinks at the 27/11 Lounge for example?
  2. Sorry to change the subject, but would there be any interest in a new Rovers Supporters team joining the IFA? I know the GeordieMunrovers are no more, and what with our shiny new pitch available to hire we could possibly play games at the San Starko? I would be very keen on hearing everyone's take on this.
  3. What about Sam Wardrop at Utd? He's not had a look in and we need an actual right-back, possibility for a loan deal? I would move Miller into the holding role to give Spencer and Hendry a bit more freedom.
  4. Thank Christ. Boris Melingui, ex-Dumbarton and Brechin striker.
  5. 700+ at the Stirling game, 800+ at last night's game. Surely not bad for friendlies? 150 notes of interest in the Supporters Fund, very encouraging imo. Reaching 800 season tickets given the apathy around the ground over the past few years is also pretty decent tbh. Dare I say that there is some positive vibes down Pratt Street way?
  6. What about Scott Mercer? I'm pretty sure he is a free agent, unless I've missed him re-signing at Queens?
  7. I feel if we were to sign Anderson he could be good for the dressing room, one thing's for sure, he is a grafter with a fantastic attitude. Not as a starter, but definitely to offer some depth. Possibly even in some coaching capacity?
  8. I see we are linked with Kieran MacDonald in the Courier, what's your thoughts on him Diamonds?
  9. I know it's not the first priority atm, but has anyone heard anything regarding our new kit? I'd heard at the last launch at the Strathearn that we were no longer being supplied by Genesis Sports, who do the Puma kits for us as they were asking the club to buy huge quantities at a time. I believed we were looking at Macron, as far as I was led to believe.
  10. We have made a necessary decision to switch to the hybrid system imo. It could give us a good blend of squad and depth that was lacking last season. If we are looking at players from within the division, Ross Forbes would be a tremendous signing, he may be out of contract too. Any Sons fans that can clarify? Thanks
  11. Sorry for gatecrashing, but do you think Blair Henderson could be a viable signing for Raith this summer? We are running a hybrid system so he wouldn't need to go FT and I would imagine we could chuck him a really good PT wage on top of his day job.
  12. FWIW, I don't think a switch to a hybrid system or to part-time would be an exact science to improve the squad, but it would likely give us much more depth to our squad which is what is seriously shooting us in the foot this season, along with exceptionally poor performances. I just feel that the top players at this level are PT and it would be foolish to think that remaining FT, if we fail to be promoted that is, would work out any better than switching. It's all about perspective I suppose, however our finances can't be great with two, and very possibly a third season in this league. I would much rather be a PT bigger fish than a FT tiddler tbh.
  13. Is Henderson out of contract at the end of the season? As a Raith fan I would love to see him end up at Stark's Park, if we switch from full-time to a hybrid set-up as I believe he has a decent job outside of football? 35 goals in all competitions is hard to ignore...
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