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  1. As the gaffa says , as long as they have the right characteristics in abundance to play for him , surely it doesn’t matter where they’re from .
  2. Heading along to this huge game today . Great interview from the manager . Very confident in his interview and dealing with the press with his chat and managerial football knowledge to give the supporters and locals a lift . Sounds like he knows his stuff and must be heading for the big league soon . First time watching them this season and going by the managers confidence , they sound a team . Looking forward to it .
  3. Grierson looking to get back into it .
  4. Darvel fans have made it loud and clear . In Mick we trust . If they don’t win the league they’ll be upset but promotion must be the ultimate aim . To pit their wits against the big boys must be top of their priority .
  5. Did that guy your talking about not stand down due to ill health at the time . i remember one game talking to a committee guy at the gate middle of last season who said the staff before spanks , were left with about 5 or 6 players after the team left to go and play Premier . Peter Leonard left and they all followed .
  6. Is the honeymoon period over doon the brae .
  7. Great bounce back from all at Troon , burst a few coupons today i bet . Whitletts as well . 2 good results for the local teams after their tussle on Monday .
  8. Thought i knew that young lad McCready the other night . Did he not play for Girvan the year they won the league . Cracking player whenever i watched him at Girvan .
  9. They really need a boost after watching them the other night . Where did the lad Burns go and there was a coach he had last time i watched them , never stopped directing and coaching all game . Good team few years back too .
  10. Interesting to hear big George Grierson making a dug-out return . Was seen at the Troon game on Wednesday night . Would that one interest him . Tried and proven junior manager .
  11. Good player and will sit in the midfield and do a job . Troons loss is Whitletts gain .
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