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  1. Jesus wept! He was saying the last manager came from ammys and it didn't work, no insult or bad blood towards the ammys. You seem to be very paranoid, is everything ok? Nobody really cares that much about your "mate" tbh, we were just talking about the Leith/WW situation like adults, if that hurts you then you better take another wee break from here until you settle down a bit because this is brutal
  2. Spyro


    Win the LEAFA all you want, its a poor league so winning it with a budget most EoS teams would be glad to have is hardly something to shout about... They always bottle it when faced with a semi-decent team in any of the big cups. Diddy team in a diddy league. It's been a while since the last time you made a tit of yourself on here though, it's been quite entertaining
  3. Spyro


    Raging S£ndys can't buy the cup like they do with the diddy league they play in every season
  4. "Fort William have declined to comment" Not like them, the chairman usually loves the sound of his own voice
  5. Rob Roy 1-1 Cumnock Pollok 2-2 Talbot Neilston 3-1 Gartcairn Glasgow Uni 1-1 Wishaw Vale of Clyde 1-3 Larkhill Thistle Rossvale Ac 2-0 Easterhouse FA
  6. Irvine Meadow 3-2 Largs Pollok 4-0 Clydebank Johnstone 1-1 Cumbernauld Glasgow Uni 0-2 Yoker Carluke 1-3 Royal Albert Threave 3-1 Kilsyth Athletic
  7. Beith 1 - 1 Kirkitilloch Rob Roy Arthurlie 3 - 0 Cambuslang Rangers Blantyre Victoria 0 - 2 Neilston Kilsyth Rangers 2 - 0 Glasgow United Girvan 1 v 3 Lanark Glenvale 1 v 1 Thorn Athletic Well in @Div, appreciated
  8. Rob Roy 2 - 2 Glenafton Hurlford 3 - 1 Troon Kilbirnie 2 - 0 Gartcairn Maryhill 1 - 0 Wishaw Saltcoats 3 - 2 Royal Albert Kilsyth 4 - 1 West Park Hopefully I will be able to log back in to my PayPal soon but can send payment now another way if possible
  9. Ominous form, reminds me of Nitten last season. Looks decent, scared sides but ultimately kept dropping silly points and only really performed against the better teams while losing to the sides around them. It's going to be carnage at the bottom half of the table this season.
  10. Got to agree, looked a VERY solid keeper and had a couple of excellent saved. The RB was brilliant too, the winger he was up against was good. The one time he was caught out of position and the covering player gave away the penalty. The linesman was a disaster... he should've been on the other side away from the shouts from the stand as he completely shat the bed. Denied Dale a couple of breakaway chances and didn't seem sure himself what decisions he was giving. Never 3 divisions between the teams but we've done the reasons behind that to death now. Tranent never looked like losing it though
  11. Exactly, thank you! You know yourself if HighlandITFC had said Edinburgh, I would've suggested the Costa del Muirhouse to watch the mighty CCS, or for the more sophisticated taste... Tranent Berwick and Gala are decent too.
  12. Something that's only ever said about shite teams...
  13. Any of the WoS premier games will be decent. On a par if not only slightly less standard than the top HL teams, but decent crowds and good support so a chance of anything kicking off if the football is pish at least! Pollok for a big home game is a must if you're going to be in Glasgow, but you're really spoiled for choice compared to up north.
  14. Ore Park looked ok when I last passed, just needs scrubbed up. Dunno if it would be a better option for Lochore or not. I like their ground, great clubhouse and in the middle of town (albeit the wrong one!) but any more development may be tricky due to space and residents nearby. I can't see any new teams emerging though, it's all ready seems saturated in that area tbh
  15. Where about are you based? Might be better following the EoS or WoS leagues, more competitive, cheaper and not full of colt/uni teams who have no following or bring anything special to games. There's some cracking grounds and interleague battles all through tier 6 and below. The LL is still a bit meh, until the deadwood is flushed out of it
  16. Saw something on another club page crying about playing an away game around 40 miles away on a weekday night. "EoS shambles", "wouldn't happen under the juniors", "players working", and my favourite "we would've took a bus on a Saturday" (lol), etc. True, if it was the Juniors, it would've been a 1830 ko not 1930. Even if the home club had lights, they wouldn't be allowed to use them! Some people have short memories...
  17. Should've saved us all the waiting and just announced it before the draw
  18. Is this the same League sponsor who threatened to pull out of the colts weren’t voted in?
  19. Brutal for Buckie, Brechin and Cowdenbeath. Midweek away games in empty, nondescript parks playing against a kids’ team… romance of the cup At least the rest got home games, or have already expressed their desire to playing against the reserve/youth teams of their premier league heroes. Throw in the headcases from NI, the Welsh rugby team from England and a couple of bewildered English National League into the next round, then tell me they haven’t completely f**ked this competition. Either do what @The Master says with an open, random draw… or something like the league cup if they insist on seeding the Championship, League 1 and 2 teams
  20. Remember though, NO SWEARING or the Ferry Brae coonsil will have them evicted
  21. Had a look but couldn’t find anything, wonder if they get more than the Colts... I actually thought you had said “they had the TOWN to themselves” but now I’ve read it again, you say they had the NAME of the town. Must have been half asleep last night
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