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  1. 3 terrible goals for Bonnyrigg to lose. They just seemed flat and disinterested, almost like they didn’t do their homework on Talbot then didn’t have a clue what to do once Plan A (tippy-tappy shit) and Plan B (Hoofball) failed to break Talbot down. Didn’t think Talbot got out of 3rd gear tbh… and what a shite venue for a cup final. Would’ve been much better at a proper non-league ground like Shotts, Whitburn or Pollok. Any one of them could’ve handled the crowd today
  2. Don’t want to say it, but Syngenta we’re knocked back for Little Kerse not being up to standard. Tough break but you can only push the rules so far I guess. It’s a horrible situation for Rosyth but they really need something to happen asap
  3. What is actually happening with the old ground? I’m assuming Lidl still haven’t built on it yet? Google maps shows from 10 months ago and there’s nothing there. What’s the chances of them being able to go back home?
  4. When will the NCL get it’s Scottish Cup place? Every other tier 6 league has a slot and the Amateur Cup winners so shifting a “home” game if not suitable has been done before. Think unlicensed teams just have to nominate a ground that’s suitable
  5. Some of they comments The Highland League should have punted them years ago but chose to babysit them season after season. I bet they are regretting being so lenient to this bunch of roasters now…
  6. Campbeltown to Berwick is 240 miles, they have to put the tier 5 line somewhere before going National at tier 4, then split it again at tier 6. You know, like a pyramid. i think the 42-(16-18)-the rest is about the right set up for Scotland, it just need to be more fluid EDIT - and it’s better than the English system where you would have Cumbernauld Colts playing in the Highland league before too long
  7. And also against the SFA constitution saying that no B/reserve teams can compete at Tier 5. (Stranraer B being denied an opportunity to compete in the SoS/EoS playoff and the HL denying ICT for the same reasons) Although they will use the “compete” and “guest club” as a workaround until it’s written out and let them run free into the national league. 1. Where’s the new sponsor? Think they have one now but f**k knows who they are as, leading onto point 2 2. Where all this new media attention? The website is shite and the podcast… well… 3. Crowds will be 200+ higher for OF games… great to see the old parkheid calculator making a comeback Any more ways to they could have shafted the ACTUAL fans of teams at this level?
  8. Nothing wrong with a bit of flexibility to get games on. It’s not like it’s even in a different town or anything. Also it’ll probably help Craigroyston out with some much-needed funds so win/win if you ask me
  9. I think they were switching between the horrible pitch behind the school and Dingwall. Hopefully they can concentrate on rebuilding now and getting back to where they should be again at the top end of the league
  10. No need to pass so early. He just needed to chill and pull the defender in
  11. Anyone fancy a friendly tomorrow (Sunday) at 3pm in Coatbridge? Opposition just called off, park and ref booked and paid for
  12. 3 games scheduled at home in the same town… that can’t have happened much out with the bigger cities. Did you get over to one of the other games?
  13. That was the best part. Genuinely hilarious Makes you wonder why he never made it as a manager
  14. Channel 5 used to always have some Intertoto and UEFA cup games on… in fact, they had a lot of games from all over the place on late night. Vaguely remember Kevin McKenna playing a blinder at LB(!) for Canada against Brazil in the Confederations Cup years ago. Quest have got the English League Cup and lower league highlights now. Same sort of set up and feel as the old channel 5 coverage, if anything slightly better. Hopefully they can siphon off more stuff from Eurosport soon
  15. So what are the chances of Athletic making it to the end of the season? Quite embarrassing that none of the Inverness teams have got a ground in the city. I know it’s not their fault, we’ve done that to death before. I can accept Loch Ness settling in Fortrose, nice ground and a great town… even if they seem to be a publicity stunt, their putting the results together so fair play to them. Athletic back hiring a 3G pitch at the school needs looked at though, especially for a tier 6 league. Am I wrong in saying they were initially a spin-off of the old Muir of Ord side, and that went tits up too?! Seems like a bit of a shambles tbh ***glossing over Alness failing to beat Bonar AGAIN ***
  16. Fort William to Dundee - 126 miles away, then further for the majority of the other teams in the league. Also a 38 game season… Fort William to Tain - 96 miles (Bonar Bridge is 99 miles), with the majority of the league being even closer and a shorter league campaign… Honestly can’t understand where this Midlands league talk comes from! Exactly!
  17. So happy to see Tweedmouth lose their “whipping boys” tag. A lot of hard work and patience off the pitch paying off bit by bit with a team of young, local boys starting to grow on the pitch. Hopefully it will continue in the new division 2 with a full season against other teams around their own level and they can hold their own around mid-table. At the top, Haddington will be an awesome addition to the premier league. Playing like a top half team already so should put the cat among the pigeons next season
  18. Great result again from Penicuik, even with the equaliser. It’s not been pretty but a point each will do very nicely with the others that they’ve scraped together recently. Wayno on 6 in 2 games for Tranent already has to be worth a mention though
  19. Yes, it’s always quite entertaining tbh. Grasping at straws for any excuse to have a pop at the new league
  20. Brilliant game. Much better than any premier league shite by a long way
  21. Hearing that it was all the referee’s fault from the Shotts Facebook page, I’ll take that with a pinch of salt though! Seems to be the usual reaction to a defeat from them… I was at Craighead, not as one sided as the scoreline suggests but Gow were the better team and a lot more clinical. Bellshill showed signs of being decent but got shown up by the more experienced team at this level
  22. We’ve not even trained yet this season, still joint top though but the standard in our league is light years away from that top division It will be interesting to see how the lads at Bellshill recruit. They were well liked so I can see a shake up happening with a few boys joining them. Can only be a good thing for Athletic, I just hope it doesn’t mess up the amateur teams too much because it shaping up to be an awesome league this season. It’s great to see the teams that went up holding their own too, showing them that some of the teams below are no mugs either
  23. Yeah it’s a very strong league, especially for Sunday standards. I play in the league below and fancied our chances against them (we were promised a friendly but never materialised!), but I know when they turn it on they would absolutely rip us apart… as would most teams in that top division! It’s interesting seeing the crossover between the top ammy teams vs the tier 7-8 teams, there’s not much difference in talent but comes down to fitness and commitment and that’s something the lads from Bellshill all had over a lot of us.
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