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  1. Skye and Lochalsh could put a decent side into the NCL. Was always impressed by Sleat and Strath/Strath and Sleat (always get it the wrong way round!) and there’s a few other players dotted around that would do a job in that league. The travelling and the crossover between the summer and winter season are the biggest barrier though, especially through the winter months. A Stornaway team would probably be travelling the same way PLUS the length of Skye from Uig (which is a trek in itself!) AND a ferry. With most team being based in Easter Ross, it’s just too much to expect week in week out. Ullapool would be the obvious choice for a new team in the NCL. It was folly to base a team in KLB/Scourie and I said at the time the best players up there could be persuaded down to play for for an Ullapool based team
  2. If they get relegated hopefully they’ll piss off and disappear. Broomhill SC got its own team back and are starting their own journey
  3. That’s what it was sold as… but we all smelt the shite at the time then Mr Fraser and his chums started accusing us of being “trolls” as some of us were very concerned and annoyed at the way the proposal was pushed through They are now lying in the bed they made for themselves whilst someone has scored 50k somewhere along the line, no tv deal has appeared and the league has becoming a laughing stock.
  4. @Jimmy Shaker throwing pies! That deserves a lifetime ban. In the words of Sir Alex, “Someone could have been killed!”
  5. I always think Wick looks worse than it really is because of the slope around it. Kennoway must be close to or steeper
  6. Has late call-off written all over it
  7. Did they not try and use Fraser Park, just down from Kingsmills? What happened there? That would’ve been a great base for them
  8. Glad they got something proper sorted with a decent ground in Fortrose and hopefully some good local support at their doorstep. Says everything you need to know about the local council in Inverness that BOTH “Inverness” teams are having to play outside the city though
  9. Because they started in the bottom tier and if they win this league, they are forbidden from playing at tier 5… like every other reserve/B team currently in the pyramid Next!
  10. Bonar Bridge doing well too! Draw away to Alness (3-3) last week and a 3-2 win at home to St Duthus. Good to see the league becoming more competitive, I worried what was going to happen with everyone in the same division again but it’s looking decent.
  11. Still no draw and no update on when it will be… The SAFA website is hopeless and unless the league you’re in is well run, they’re just as bad at giving updates on things. Brutal that there seems to be absolutely no coherency in amateur football throughout the whole of Scotland.
  12. That is horrific defending btw, even at amateur league
  13. Hopefully, but a lot of competition with LL vs LL game and the Medda vs Talbot… If not it’s the same day as Truckfest, and I really fancied being at this one!
  14. Has to be the chippy in Golspie on the way up, seen myself driving miles out my way for it Are Nairn rebuilding after pulling out last season, or did they manage to keep roughly the same squad?
  15. It has an awesome history section. Well worth a visit
  16. The University of P&B would’ve smashed it tonight!
  17. Remember these games growing up. Why I still have a soft spot for WW and tried to get through to watch them when it was possible. Half of Bonnyrigg went to Easter Road for the Celtic game, it was a healthy crowd. I’m gutted I wasn’t there, was offered tickets for it but was too young to to understand the importance and didn’t bother asking my parents to take me
  18. It’s still madness they even have an out, albeit an outside one. It really needs to be 2 down and if the stars align (the scenario you mention) 1 down to give this league an ounce of integrity… ventilation I think it’s called
  19. Yeah I don’t doubt they’ll keep their licence. It’ll be an interesting fight for the league though, can’t see past them, Orkney and Invergordon but Alness or one of the Caithness 2 might upset them. St Duthac will take point off them all but will struggle to be consistent enough
  20. Lochee have half a chance, then if FW go pop before the start and the HL have worded their constitution in a certain way… who knows who they’ll play in the final, although BoD are clear favourites. Will be interesting to see if they actually want to go up this time round
  21. So potentially a 3-way round robin (like the EoS one a couple of seasons ago) followed by the winner playing the bottom HL club over 2 legs? More likely though it’ll be NRJFA vs Midlands over 2 legs followed by the winner playing the bottom HL club over 2 legs? Assuming Golspie don’t win the NCL AND have their licence renewed
  22. Nobody in the town is interested in the club, they’ve been fighting an uphill battle for years but apart from the romanticists from far flung places who have visited a few times on holidays, no one in the town cares and it’s absolutely tragic! The problem is that nobody has seen the “real” Fort William where 90% of the permanent residents live, they only see the polished facade of the High Street and the touristy areas. I’ve lived in some dodgy places but FW is a dump, and I have good friends there who would agree. It’s a really horrible place with no real prospects of opportunity for young, local people and the local government have let them down for years. All the money from tourism and industry in the area goes to very few… the real people of the town are just fired up on the hill and are trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads’. So no wonder there is very little support or interest in helping the committee and volunteering their weekends running around the highlands with the club. Maybe when things were a bit more prosperous, the move from NCL to HL seemed like a good idea with local support and players willing and able to play every weekend. Nowadays the young people are forced to work weekends working for minimum wage in the tourist trade just to make ends meet. Sorry to sound so grim but it’s the truth, the club is taking its final few breathes unless the corrupt local government do a massive change and revive the rest of the town
  23. I meant VoL… I have always said that BSC deserve to be there for the very reason you stated… doesn’t mean they aren’t scum for cheerleading the latest fiasco, coupled with the fact they seem to rub everyone up the wrong way (Maryhill, the real BSC Glasgow, etc.) and that they clearly have no intention for producing young talent from the youth team they took there name from or have ANY intentions on actually playing in Glasgow or they would’ve done it, or had a plan by now. VoL have been bottom of that league for the previous 2 seasons, and while other leagues were also called early, there was still “ventilation” and movement where other teams have dropped down a tier to their rightful level. Where as VoL continue to be well out their depth at tier 5
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