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  1. Awesome! That’s why I love rugby 👏
  2. Yeah strange team all around but as long as they annoy the hooray Henry’s of rugby down there more than me while giving a couple of Scottish lads a top platform to perform on, it’s all good with me 😎😂
  3. Yeah, I’ve noticed that before. Tbh I never caught much of the game today, only really got to watch the last few minutes properly. Exeter have been amazing over the last few years, really chuffed for them getting it right up the “big boys”! Not something that happens very often in rugby
  4. That was down to the video referee not paying attention or doing his job properly. He is CLEARLY asked on more than one occasion to stop the clock and spent about 20-30 seconds playing with himself before stopping it and not knowing how to put it back. Total shambles
  5. Racing should have had it buried. It’s their own fault. Unbelievable decision not to kick for the 3 🤦‍♂️
  6. I'd have been kicking for 3 points to go in front when they got that penalty on the touchline. No brainer! Can’t believe they did that!
  7. Wtf have Racing just done?! 🤯
  8. Alness look to have a really decent team. Hopefully they get the job done and are safely up with the top teams again where they belong
  9. Don’t think there’s any reason to have the different leagues completely equal in numbers, due to the circumstances it would just be great to have a solution so everyone can start playing again If they do something like this and play each other twice, that’s 14-18 (24 in the most extreme case) leagues games which tbh might still be pushing it. Remember it would only be for ONE SEASON to kick a ball in slightly meaningful games this season... With ALL teams involved Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Annbank United Ardrossan Winton Rovers Ashfield Arthurlie Blantyre Victoria Bellshill Athletic Auchinleck Talbot Ardeer Thistle Benburb Clydebank Cambuslang Rangers Carluke Rovers Craigmark Burntonians Beith Juniors Drumchapel United Greenock Juniors East Kilbride Thistle Cumbernauld United Cumnock Juniors Bonnyton Thistle Glasgow Perthshire Johnstone Burgh Larkhall Thistle Forth Wanderers Girvan Dalry Thistle Glasgow University Neilston Lesmahagow Juniors Gartcairn Glenafton Athletic Darvel Maryhill Port Glasgow Royal Albert Kilsyth Rangers Hurlford United Irvine Meadow Petershill Renfrew Rutherglen Glencairn Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Kello Rovers Irvine Victoria Pollok St Anthony's Shettleston Lanark United Lugar Boswell Thistle Kilbirnie Ladeside Rossvale St Cadoc's Youth Club Thorniewood United Newmains United Maybole Juniors Kilwinning Rangers St Roch's Vale of Leven Vale of Clyde Shotts Bon Accord Muirkirk Juniors Largs Thistle Yoker Athletic Wishaw Troon Saltcoats Victoria Whitletts Victoria WITHOUT team who have resigned Group 1 Group 3 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5 Group 6 Annbank United Ardeer Thistle Ashfield Clydebank Blantyre Victoria Bellshill Athletic Craigmark Burntonians Beith Juniors Benburb Renfrew East Kilbride Thistle Carluke Rovers Hurlford United Bonnyton Thistle Drumchapel United Johnstone Burgh Larkhall Thistle Cumbernauld United Kello Rovers Dalry Thistle Glasgow Perthshire Greenock Juniors Lesmahagow Juniors Forth Wanderers Lugar Boswell Thistle Darvel Glasgow University Port Glasgow Royal Albert Gartcairn Maybole Juniors Irvine Meadow Maryhill Yoker Athletic Rutherglen Glencairn Kilsyth Rangers Muirkirk Juniors Irvine Victoria Rossvale Vale of Leven Shettleston Kirkintilloch Rob Roy Troon Kilwinning Rangers St Anthony's Neilston Thorniewood United Lanark United Largs Thistle St Roch's St Cadoc's Youth Club Vale of Clyde Newmains United Wishaw
  10. Surely with no promotion or relegation, the travel restrictions and the lack of changing, it would’ve been the perfect chance to group the teams in regions for one season only. At least then teams could play for local bragging right and maybe a playoff between all the group winner for the ultimate champs in the summer if the restrictions have settled down by then...
  11. Stunning! ❤️ Who would’ve thought? Almost brings a tear to the eye. Well done to everyone involved 👏
  12. ☝️ That’s where I saw my first Golden Eagle, right where that picture was taken from! Only just catching up with this thread, the Strontian loop off the Corran ferry is a great shout. There’s a venison place halfway round that I was always meaning to stop by that looked interesting for a munch. Applecross is getting slightly spoiled by the new influx of (insert suitable term here). Better off going further north toward Lochinver and KLB now. Is there still the Burger Van parked in the car park in Lochinver? There used to be an amazing selection of nice grub being sold from there. Also the tiny backroad towards Achiltibuie was always worth a drive for some stunning, hidden away beeches to chill at
  13. Fair point, this is why we need a bit of clarity on the process of allowing paying fans back in. I can’t see it being new year before it happens but without even knowing what the gov’s plans are towards the process then we are all just pissing in the wind at the moment
  14. Careful... I suggested this before, only to have some smart arse jump down my throat claiming I was pushing for players playing FREE for an entire season 🙄 The only concern I have is if a player is asked to quarantine of 14 days through T and T after playing a game... who covers the loss in earners from their full time job? Would their usual insurance covers this?
  15. The East one from last season looked amazing. Something like the wee donders from my teenage years, Rosewell to Bonnyrigg to Dalkeith to Nitten to Easthouses... all the kick offs were walkable, almost! Was actually looking forward to going and bumping into a few mates but I probably would’ve ended up stuck in The Buccleuch in Dalkeith and missing the last game
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