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  1. I agree that Harestanes haven’t covered themselves in glory BUT... Who ‘hosts’ a Scottish Cup game (or any game) without corner flags whether it be a their home ground or moved elsewhere? Bit tinpot if you ask me
  2. At least they tried to get the game on. There’s a track round the back of the 3G which gets you right there. Thornton came all the way through to Fauldhouse to play a ‘home’ game with West Calder, I’m sure the ref and Linlithgow Ammys could’ve could’ve walked the few hundred yards up a muddy track to ensure the game was played
  3. The bairns left the crayons lying out last night again 😳😂
  4. This should be in the “starting from scratch” thread but at least it’ll get seen here... Copy-of-Pyramid.pdf TIER 1 - same as now. 12 teams, split after 33 games, 38 games in total. 12th automatically relegated, 11th into playoff. TIER 2 - as tier 1 with 1st automatically promoted and 2nd, 3rd and 4th into playoff. 12th automatically relegated with 11th into playoff. TIER 3 - 18 teams, 34 games. 1st automatically promoted, 2nd, 3rd and 4th into playoff. Bottom 3 automatically relegated with 15th going into playoff. TIER 4 - 16 teams, 30 games. 3 league winners automatically promoted with the 3 2nd placed teams going into playoff with 15th in T3. 15th and 16th automatically relegated (if top tier 5 teams are or are close to being licensed) with 14th into playoff if needed TIER 5 - 14 teams, 26 games. HL2, EoS Prem and WoS Prem licensed winners automatically promoted. If top 2 teams are licensed in these leagues, 2nd placed will play winners (if licensed) of Tayside (with EoS and 14th of LL East), same with WoS Prem and SoS winners for a playoff with 14th team in tier 4. 13th and 14th relegated into relevant tier 6 leagues... TIER 6 - 14 teams, 26 games. Promotion decided on keeping the tier 5 leagues at 14 teams but ALL league winners promoted (NCL given an option) TIER 7 - plenty of room for new teams and competitive games for all It might not look fair to start with but it would evolve pretty quickly and should remain fair as the seasons go on...
  5. About time he scored anyway, pure milking it all season so far 🙄😉
  6. ✅ 1 down, 3 to go (you can keep your vegan bird food!) Top binnnnz 🙌
  7. That’s where I’d be going... or Grantown for Strathspey vs Forres
  8. That’s a good shout...
  9. Absolutely disgusted reading this, can’t get my head around it. There’s a lot of things said on a football pitch but the one thing we have is that there has never been a major racism problem in Scotland. Hopefully the authorities deal with BSC and the player appropriately and nip this in the bud
  10. Yes it did get a bit silly, but that’s the route they chose unfortunately. Such a shame as it would’ve been interesting to see to watch them stick to their principles, continue to nurture the talent (and the style of football) they had at the start of the season and grow the club from there. Where as now I can’t see them lasting much longer at this level. As soon as the money walks away, they’ll end up back at square one again
  11. It really doesn’t... The thread in the Junior forum says a lot, including the replies from the club officials, they can run along back to the amateurs imo
  12. I’m actually coming round to this idea. Move the SoS league to tier 7 with an option for any current clubs to move straight into the West section at tier 6 (which I don’t think there will be much rush for) and have the SoS winners playoff with the lowest promotion placed tier 7 west club (if they choose) to play in the tier 6 west league
  13. Winter non-league football in Scotland, great idea 🙄
  14. There’s only one winner there... Bridge of Doom 2 🦊🦊 The Foxskelpers 3 🦊🦊🦊
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