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  1. Using the German example, you would have 2 relegation places then 1 automatic promotion spot for LL and a playoff between 1st in HL and 2nd in LL... or something like that. Good luck sorting that out though!
  2. Lol you’ll learn! 😂 The German system keeps the regional leagues in REGIONS rather than a random split wherever the numbers suit... The more populous regions have more promotion spots available than the less populous areas. It’s not perfect but it’s a lot fairer than having less than 30% of the population having the same amount of promotion places than the other 70%... or even more if the Tayside teams go south
  3. Totally agree with what you say but even if the first 2 rounds were loosely regionalised (North and South for example) then you may get to play against teams from another league and then when the cup goes All-In, it will be Round 3 and the small teams who make it that far will have much more incentive to stretch themselves into playing these games
  4. And then you have Gloucester City playing in the Conference North (National League North). It’s a silly idea especially in Scotland where the tier 5 split after a few seasons will be straight through the middle of the central belt. I don’t think teams like East Stirlingshire are going to be chuffed playing in a “North” league and travelling 100’s of miles while Linlithgow play in the “South” league! The English system looks good in paper but simply doesn’t work, we should be looking at the German system and adapting that to suit our own circumstances
  5. It’s close. Think it might be different if you set up the map to true north and magnetic north... cue 3 weeks of debate on whether they are HL or LL now 🙈😂
  6. So would I, just to see what the WL side say to travelling to Oban and Rothesay every 2 weeks ahead of Gala/Coldstream...
  7. Did it not start from that horrendous Gordon Parks column at the start of last year? It seems to be in the SJFA handbook of delusion along with some sort of comment about more travel (Gala/Coldstream every week or Elgin on a weekday night) and some jibberish about losing their connection with the community, which a lot of these clubs haven’t bothered about for the last 20 years anyway
  8. These aren’t actual COVID deaths, these are “deaths 28 days after a positive test”... another smokescreen to all this madness to fiddle the numbers to suit. Let’s see the miraculous drop in other deaths over the same period
  9. Only just catching up with this... hardly surprising tbh. Sums up the type of people running these clubs and anyone who thinks more out of the box is chased away by these little hard men. Nothing will change because no one with another opinion is welcome into “their” (not the community’s) wee clubs. With the exception of Harthill, the other clubs looking to go west are only doing so to save face after all the shouting and lies that they have spread to date. The travelling to Gala is one that’s nearly as delusional as £250k toilets
  10. Steins Thistle applying would a wonderful piece of shithousery considering the West Lothian debate...
  11. Let’s start the speculation then... I’ll start with Colville, based on absolutely nothing apart from they have their own private park
  12. I don’t know about Whitburn’s individual case but it is certainly the case for other WL teams chancing their arm at going WoS
  13. Rubbish... nothing to do with the Tayside teams! It’s more to do with certain “we would rather go amateur than join the EoS” types running these clubs. Not a care about what’s best of their village/town, it’s all about them and their egos
  14. Totally agree but try posting this on Fitba North and see the reaction you’ll get there... never going to happen unfortunately
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