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  1. Definitely. The split in the league this season will help them. The introduction of Orkney has improved the standard too, there’s a couple decent clubs in there but the week to week standard isn’t great preparation for playing to bigger tier 5-6 teams. Thurso and Invergordon will hopefully kick on and Tain Saints are finding their feet now. With Alness back as well it shouldn’t be long before the league starts to earn it’s spot at tier 6 and looking at upsetting the bottom half of the highland league on a regular basis
  2. Golspie are one of the top 3-4 I mentioned before. They always seem to get decent investment into their playing squad and seem to do well in the bigger games, even if the results don’t show it
  3. A shade above amateur, I don’t know how they would compete against the lowest ranked East and old West juniors. The top 3-4 teams would be ok but the bottom 3-4 from the NCL wouldn’t fair well against a lot of amateur teams. There just isn’t the players around as all the best end up playing Highland League, or choosing to play for one of the better amateur teams... this will hopefully change now that the league is finally getting it’s actually together though
  4. Ffs, that’s grim craic for a Sunday morning boyo! 🙈😂
  5. I really don’t know how it worked. I was only signed with one team on any given season, that was 12-14 years ago now and I never paid much attention to what the other lads were doing. I’d imagine it’s all different now, the leagues up there seems to be really getting things sorted. It’s great to see the NCL starting to pick up again after a few dodgy seasons. Yes the standard at the bottom isn’t great but these new outlying teams have to start somewhere and now have a good pathway for the young ‘inbetweeners’ who are good enough to step up from amateurs but aren’t quite good enough to play top senior football... felt we lost a generation of decent highland footballers during this time
  6. Most (if not all) current Lowland League Under 20’s don’t charge an admission fee to watch. Usually there a bucket on the way in for donations. It’s going to be a brilliant setup once it’s all underway!
  7. Looks like it might be easier turning the pitch round 90 degrees from the google map view
  8. Would love to see Avoch have a go. Their ground with a decent crowd around it is something to behold, can get a cracking wee atmosphere with not too many people
  9. It would take a very strong (and brave) leadership to swing that axe. No reason why it can’t be done, there would just be the unenviable task of trying to keep everyone happy and onboard. Like I said, if you thought the juniors were a difficult nut to crack...
  10. If you think the SPFL and sjfa were a tough nut to crack to find some sort of reconciliation, you are having a laugh if you think the competing amateur leagues will find an agreement and be able to join onto the pyramid system. As has already been said....
  11. I can’t remember the exact details (it was over 10 years when I played up there) but limited games does ring a bell, possibly with more relaxed rules between these leagues than others. It has probably all changed between then and now though. The under 20’s (or 19’s?!) I played with had a different set of rules so my memory is a bit hazy on who was allowed to do what
  12. Even at tier 7-8 there’s big crowds (in the high hundreds), pyro displays and riots... then a football match breaks out! The standard is terrible but I get the feeling it’s more about local pride than silky skills
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