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  1. The LL will just keep making clubs vote with slightly different criteria until they get what they want. I think this is the beginning of the end of the colts shambles, but you never know with these charlatans
  2. Now that all the established junior clubs are on board, there’s no need to allow leeway on the ground criteria for any new clubs. Especially after getting their fingers burnt by Edinburgh South when they were allowing anyone to join.
  3. It was simple… CURRENT clubs at the bottom of the EoS were ALL tier 7 this season. The new set up will have tier 8 and tier 9. It would be unfair to essentially relegate a current member 2 tier’s to accommodate new members. The West Lothian clubs were happy enough to play in their own league before so they are happy. Edinburgh College (and I suspect Letham and others looking to apply) knew the rules at the start of the season. I can’t see the issue tbh…
  4. And the fact they had 5 (iirc) signed and had 2-3 eligible to play that they totally forgot about…
  5. He hasn’t though. He’ll just got round in infinite circles howling at the moon because that’s all he does. The situation has been clearly explained, no rules are broken and a contingency for next season has been agreed NEXT…
  6. 3 terrible goals for Bonnyrigg to lose. They just seemed flat and disinterested, almost like they didn’t do their homework on Talbot then didn’t have a clue what to do once Plan A (tippy-tappy shit) and Plan B (Hoofball) failed to break Talbot down. Didn’t think Talbot got out of 3rd gear tbh… and what a shite venue for a cup final. Would’ve been much better at a proper non-league ground like Shotts, Whitburn or Pollok. Any one of them could’ve handled the crowd today
  7. Don’t want to say it, but Syngenta we’re knocked back for Little Kerse not being up to standard. Tough break but you can only push the rules so far I guess. It’s a horrible situation for Rosyth but they really need something to happen asap
  8. What is actually happening with the old ground? I’m assuming Lidl still haven’t built on it yet? Google maps shows from 10 months ago and there’s nothing there. What’s the chances of them being able to go back home?
  9. When will the NCL get it’s Scottish Cup place? Every other tier 6 league has a slot and the Amateur Cup winners so shifting a “home” game if not suitable has been done before. Think unlicensed teams just have to nominate a ground that’s suitable
  10. Some of they comments The Highland League should have punted them years ago but chose to babysit them season after season. I bet they are regretting being so lenient to this bunch of roasters now…
  11. Campbeltown to Berwick is 240 miles, they have to put the tier 5 line somewhere before going National at tier 4, then split it again at tier 6. You know, like a pyramid. i think the 42-(16-18)-the rest is about the right set up for Scotland, it just need to be more fluid EDIT - and it’s better than the English system where you would have Cumbernauld Colts playing in the Highland league before too long
  12. And also against the SFA constitution saying that no B/reserve teams can compete at Tier 5. (Stranraer B being denied an opportunity to compete in the SoS/EoS playoff and the HL denying ICT for the same reasons) Although they will use the “compete” and “guest club” as a workaround until it’s written out and let them run free into the national league. 1. Where’s the new sponsor? Think they have one now but f**k knows who they are as, leading onto point 2 2. Where all this new media attention? The website is shite and the podcast… well… 3. Crowds will be 200+ higher for OF games… great to see the old parkheid calculator making a comeback Any more ways to they could have shafted the ACTUAL fans of teams at this level?
  13. Nothing wrong with a bit of flexibility to get games on. It’s not like it’s even in a different town or anything. Also it’ll probably help Craigroyston out with some much-needed funds so win/win if you ask me
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