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  1. I'm not doubting any of that, my post was only hypothetical. What I am saying is that this is the SFA... Anything is possible! Very unlikely, but I would never say impossible. Especially after the recent Talbot incident* * I know, nothing to do with the SFA, etc... Just the madness of Scottish football
  2. My gut reaction was similar, but Bonnyrigg got in VERY late when it was clear they would win the league. Albeit they were already in the licencing process and the floodlight rule came in, but similar to Beith, they were only in their 2nd season of their agreement to work towards a license. So if Beith have been shown to be making progress, whether or not they official opened an application, then digression has been used before. Can't see Lithgae being happy if this is the case though.
  3. So basically 900 is to be spread around the ground. If everyone was to congregate, this could be a problem for the club if they are unable to safely police it? Sorry, read it twice and struggle with that type of reading! A lot of trust on the supporters there as I can't see a small committee being able to handle a capacity crowd when a monsoon blows over and they all head for cover. I'm sure everyone would squeeze in just fine though
  4. Beith Juniors 2-2 Arthurlie Largs Thistle 1-3 Darvel Bonnyton Thistle 2-0 Rossvale Muirkirk Juniors 1-1 Ardeer Thistle Royal Albert 2-4 Carluke Rovers Campbeltown Pupils 0-4 Glenvale
  5. Only seems to be you getting excited over it tbh. Lithgae go up with or without a Playoff, and H*bs are still pish
  6. I'm sure there was around 15 (trying to picture them) of them, it's on Wiki! Ironically Zee Germans only hit no.13 so there's a gap in the middle of them. Yes, it's the complex going up the hill that has a mad echo. A lot of maps of the area are completely false in an attempt to conceal it
  7. It was actually a decent squad, some excellent young players but it was the same old faces brought in and dressing room splits… Anyway, where has his Wiki page gone??? It was a literacy masterpiece a couple of seasons ago but seems to have gone now
  8. Always thought St Ants looked smart wedged in between the Motorway with the massive hospital building behind. There are some amazing pics of it around.
  9. Invergordon have 14(ish) big fuel storage tanks that are linked to the secret WW2 bunker hidden inside the hills behind the town. They, along with a few others, are within a few 100 yards of a distillery so I don't know if it's unique enough to count. Orkney's offical home ground is at the beginning of a causeway between 2 islands
  10. Did Talbot not request a couple of midweeks off earlier on in the season?
  11. "But the penalty spot told me to f**k off and questioned my sexuality Gaffer! Honest!"
  12. Auchinleck Talbot 2-0 Clydebank Kilwinning Rangers 1-1 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy
  13. Palace Rangers? That was my suggestion at the start. Hate the name, hate their OF boaby sooking but I haven't a problem with them in the Lowland League, they earned that place and have stuck to their word about getting their own ground up to standard so fair play to them
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