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  1. Can’t argue that the dance scene was magic, if not at its best. Even though I started this off, I’d definitely say I go back to the dance tracks before 90% of the bands mentioned above
  2. It used to be N/E and S/W. With the teams they have, it’s probably the best split they could manage... although a swap with Kelty might have been better
  3. The Aberdeen Amateur league looks a much more exciting prospect for supporters... says a lot for the North juniors
  4. We can only hope they all get scudded and are finally removed from next year’s competition
  5. I’ve been getting told about Sleeper all day from different people, apparently right up my street. Don’t know how they passed me by but I will definitely be giving them a listen over the next few days. Cheers 👍
  6. The Bluetones - Slight Return
  7. She’s my pick at the moment, intrigued with Billie Eilish. Jury’s still out...
  8. It depends what mood I’m in, atm I’d agree, got a bit of dance on... I think the idea was that they had to have released a decent album between 94-97, from what I remember 🤢☠️
  9. I love Sonnet and Lucky Man but really tried and failed to like the rest of The Verve...even Richard Ashcroft had one decent song. Will need to learn who that other band are And I honestly can’t remember why Radiohead isn’t there, vaguely remember a massive debate about it, and The Bends is one of my all-time favs... I probably just forgot to write it down after arguing it’s case for 20 mins, or we decided they were NOT ‘Britpop’ If you like them now, wait until you find their early stuff... so I’ve been told Shirley Manson is from down the road, and their style is more British so that’s how they got in... after another massive argument 😂 My personal favourites are one of the ‘P’s’, although debatable whether Placebo should be there
  10. Hopefully he finds his way here, top guy. I worked in Tain a lot and we crossed paths but only very briefly. I know he will have the knowledge though
  11. Good spot... was pretty wasted and being shouted at as I wrote! So pissed I thought Shed Seven were American 🤷‍♂️😂
  12. Does Niall post here at all? He’s your man for all things Tain, and NCL. He will have a good idea.
  13. Tbh it caused a massive argument between us here too... but I won. MY login, my rules! Gwen wins every time in my eyes, I like both versions though 😋
  14. No Doubt - It’s my Life (Talk Talk) Joe Strummer - Redemption Song Eric Cartman - Come Sail Away Marilyn Manson - Tainted Love
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