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  1. Lochee have half a chance, then if FW go pop before the start and the HL have worded their constitution in a certain way… who knows who they’ll play in the final, although BoD are clear favourites. Will be interesting to see if they actually want to go up this time round
  2. So potentially a 3-way round robin (like the EoS one a couple of seasons ago) followed by the winner playing the bottom HL club over 2 legs? More likely though it’ll be NRJFA vs Midlands over 2 legs followed by the winner playing the bottom HL club over 2 legs? Assuming Golspie don’t win the NCL AND have their licence renewed
  3. Nobody in the town is interested in the club, they’ve been fighting an uphill battle for years but apart from the romanticists from far flung places who have visited a few times on holidays, no one in the town cares and it’s absolutely tragic! The problem is that nobody has seen the “real” Fort William where 90% of the permanent residents live, they only see the polished facade of the High Street and the touristy areas. I’ve lived in some dodgy places but FW is a dump, and I have good friends there who would agree. It’s a really horrible place with no real prospects of opportunity for young, local people and the local government have let them down for years. All the money from tourism and industry in the area goes to very few… the real people of the town are just fired up on the hill and are trying to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads’. So no wonder there is very little support or interest in helping the committee and volunteering their weekends running around the highlands with the club. Maybe when things were a bit more prosperous, the move from NCL to HL seemed like a good idea with local support and players willing and able to play every weekend. Nowadays the young people are forced to work weekends working for minimum wage in the tourist trade just to make ends meet. Sorry to sound so grim but it’s the truth, the club is taking its final few breathes unless the corrupt local government do a massive change and revive the rest of the town
  4. Spyro

    Bsc Glasgow

    I meant VoL… I have always said that BSC deserve to be there for the very reason you stated… doesn’t mean they aren’t scum for cheerleading the latest fiasco, coupled with the fact they seem to rub everyone up the wrong way (Maryhill, the real BSC Glasgow, etc.) and that they clearly have no intention for producing young talent from the youth team they took there name from or have ANY intentions on actually playing in Glasgow or they would’ve done it, or had a plan by now. VoL have been bottom of that league for the previous 2 seasons, and while other leagues were also called early, there was still “ventilation” and movement where other teams have dropped down a tier to their rightful level. Where as VoL continue to be well out their depth at tier 5
  5. Spyro

    Bsc Glasgow

    Basically Bonnyrigg Rose, Bo'ness United, Civil Service Strollers, Dalbeattie Star, and Edinburgh University are good guys The rest are wanks, and that’s coming from someone who has always had a soft spot for Gala FR and VoL competing in that league and holding their own on their budgets after playing in the Borders when I was younger. They can rot with the rest of them now in my opinion
  6. Spyro

    Bsc Glasgow

    I’m all for a bit of banter, especially at the expense of BSC Alloa right now… but this coming from a team who voted FOR and from a guy who openly encouraged the move is a bit rich. He is just as bad for allowing it to happen! They shouldn’t even be in the league anyway if there was any “ventilation” in the system…
  7. Absolute joke of a league! Spent all summer talking about “ventilation” and “sporting integrity” then spent their time bullshitting clubs into accepting a meet n greet twice a season with a few nobodies in OF blazers. They didn't even bother finding a sponsor and their outreach to fans of teams within their league is embarrassing for a tier 5 division. As for this new, spectacular tv deal, it only applies to the type of person who calls a LL team their “wee team” and have OF tv subscriptions… like the muppets who run a few of the fake, plastic clubs that stink the place out.
  8. Think it’s time to put the vodka away, my eyes are definitely playing tricks on me! 👀
  9. Wtf is going on this season?! Nice to see Syngenta showing their class though, can’t even get the guys name right 🙄
  10. Zidane has played here a few times… If he was in the French squad that unofficially opened the new Hampden in 1999/2000 time (0-2) then I saw him that night and of course the wonder goal vs Bayer Leverkusen in 2002 Champions League Final. What about the “real” Ronaldo?
  11. State of that for first thing on a Saturday morning 😳😂
  12. This phrase makes me cringe more tbh… 😑
  13. I was just being facetious tbh, I can see it not being a problem by the time the circumstances come round… but we thought that about the WoS/EoS vs WL clubs fiasco and we all saw how much of a drama that turned into! I know Clach have previous links to the NCL (running a ‘B’ team for a while) so I would be interesting to see what they chose… if it ever came to it. Genuinely hope it doesn’t btw, as much as I like a wee playful dig from time to time.
  14. That’ll be annoying when you have Fort William in the NCL, if/when Clach go down they choose the North Juniors then Nairn go down and choose the NCL… all a bit messy
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