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  1. Cheers. Thought he’d have done really well with yourselves but I know he’s had a lot of injuries which can’t have helped.
  2. Any news on Andy Ryan? Wasn’t sure if he’d been offered a new deal or has moved on.
  3. We can’t retain who we want (picture is we’re not competitive). 2 clear examples so far. And apart from a squad of teens we’ve not signed anyone (Queen’s Park amateur and Jimmy Naecunt today aside). The o’Neil thing is a funny one. Turns down a £25 pay rise and folk lose their shit. Off for more money we hear. Signs for stenhousemuir then apparently he’s a bit daft and it’s alluded he’s made a mistake. In reality I’m sure he’s looked after himself and done ok. This new regime so far is dubious (announcing players as signed that have moved on). I hope they win it back but not impressed so far.
  4. He pin pointed Mcintosh. Offered him a full time deal so presume he was desired. Thought he had him. Something happened, he fucked off. There’s backing the club and then there’s ignoring shit that’s happening in front of you. E.g. O’Neil left apparently for money but signed for Stenhousemuir. There’s a picture being painted. Having said that I’m realistic. I presume we’ll go with kids and left overs. Get behind them. However don’t think we’re chucking money at this. No shame in that, where would it come from after all. Let’s not pretend/think otherwise though.
  5. Take their time? We’re announcing players that aren’t even signed.
  6. Incompetence covers it. Can you imagine if for instance Man Utd, Celtic or Rangers did likewise. There would be uproar. Announcing players before they sign for them then to go elsewhere really doesn’t happen all the time. I can’t believe you’re even suggesting it does. Absolutely ridiculous
  7. So, nothing to say about the club offering him a full time deal, the fact he apparently signs (for whatever reason), and it was announced but then turned out it was all shite? The absolute incompetence of announcing it before he had actually signed and the story behind as to why he backed out doesn’t even register beyond a meh??? For someone so vocal and anti people asking questions, I find that strange mate. Balance is key.
  8. He just says he’s off. I know he was transfer listed so maybe has something lined up. Hopefully he’ll go somewhere he’ll get a run of games. One of the few that actually seemed to care.
  9. Raith apparently announced that their hybrid model will consist of 16 full timers and 5 part timers, supplemented with loanees if finances allow. Anyone know what split ours will be or the type of player we’ll be targeting (experience/age etc)? I know there’s been the Stuart Millar interviews but I don’t think they mentioned that did they?
  10. From a full time perspective we’ll logically be paying the worst wages (we finished in the lowest position and have the smallest crowds). Would imagine a lot of players will hold out to see what else is on offer. You’d hope on the part time side we’ll be able to be more competitive and move quicker on them.
  11. The reality is guys like Millar let us down last season and didn’t get any where near a level that was good enough (bar in a few kick about games at the end of the season). I can’t believe anyone is happy to see him stay. The point made a few posts above about re-signing these guys not making us better is true (I still shiver at the memory of losing to Stenhousemuir at home for instance when it was all to play for in terms of promotion). And if we do end up with a load of kids filling the full time positions then I worry about next season already. However there is of course plenty time and we should judge once everyone is in. A few experienced full time players would be a big help.
  12. We’ll all get a shock if it’s a bunch of kids making up the full time element.
  13. Yeah agree with that. Hope he does well but was really disappointed with him last season. Hopeless for most of it.
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