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  1. Aye. You're right. But youd imagine the majority of it came from berwick fans. Not to mention the money hes been paid the last year. Maybe I'm naiive but I think he owes the club
  2. Am I the only thing that thinks ouzy kinda owes it to the fans to give us a season. The fans all chipped in to help him financially when he broke his leg. Hes took money from the club for the past season whilst injured and nowhere near his best. Personally if he doesn't re sign I'll be massively disappointed in him.
  3. Calling it now. Hummel kit next season printed by fantasy prints. New director already taking money off the club and putting naff all into it.
  4. Kevs took the tweedmouth chairmanship. Clearly freeing pike to join JB
  5. Yano as manager. Johnny Harvey appointed no.2 and or reserve manager so hes never at home games. Yano to leave by xmas. Johnny Harvey takes over. I'm calling it
  6. Somebody has paid money for Scott dalziel?
  7. Any update on who won the end of season awards? Only one who's been consistent is Geoff Allan and his absolutely incredible smokey and chips.
  8. Not a fucking peep from our chairman or board.
  9. Like it would have mattered if the lazy p***k had played anyway.
  10. Completely and utterly embarrassed. I hope the board have a good look at themselves. Months we were begging them to get rid of Harvey and give us a chance. JBs ego along with that or Harvey has cost us. I'm fucking done with the lot of them.
  11. No sign of dougie brydon in the squad. Cant say I'm disappointed. Another Harvey flip signing. Hasnt looked like hes given a toss since he signed and was absolutely woeful last weekend.
  12. Didn't know who Ben was 15 minutes ago? Have a nice day Ben. See you at that game buddy.
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