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  1. The Football Ground Guide website says the Queens Park Scotch pie apparently has a slice of lorne sausage inside. But anyway, they were nice whatever was in them.
  2. Thanks for that, glad you enjoyed it. Will definitely be back to see you playing at Lesser Hampden & to enjoy a few more Queens Park lagers! Accrington, lost count how many times I've seen us lose there. Coldest ground I've been too. All the best.
  3. Evening all, was up at the game on Saturday with a few mates. We're Burton Albion fans but do a Scottish game a season. Thought we'd come up to watch Queens Park playing at Hampden before the move to Lesser Hampden. No expert on Scottish League 2 but impressed with the football Queens Park played, good patient and at times intelligent passing football in difficult conditions. Have wrote a piece on the day, hope I've got all historical stats & facts right but no doubt you'll correct me if any errors! All the best for the rest of season & the move to Lesser Hampden. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2020/03/03/the-2019-20-scottish-awayday-queens-park/
  4. Well I didn't mean to get you raging this early in the day!
  5. My latest piece touches on team-names Scottish style, followed by a bit on Arbroath v Partick (not Premier League I know..) https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/thistles-red-lichties-bobby-linn-the-binman/
  6. Hiya Arbroath fans, I've written this piece on Friday's game and my thoughts on the Red Lichties. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/thistles-red-lichties-bobby-linn-the-binman/ Best of luck for the season ahead lads & ladies, can't wait to get upto Gayfield Park some day.
  7. Hiya Thistle fans, have written this piece which touches on Partick's performance on Friday, Kenny Miller, and your season. Sure things will pick up for you. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/thistles-red-lichties-bobby-linn-the-binman/
  8. Hi all, have written about Friday's game in my latest piece. Enjoyable game, best of luck to both clubs for remainder of the season. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/17/thistles-red-lichties-bobby-linn-the-binman/
  9. Thanks for the reply Mitch, glad you liked my piece. I'm a Burton Albion fan, but yes have heard about that game between Renton and WBA. My grandad played bowls at Renton for a while, it's hard to imagine a small place like that once had a top football team! We used to swap ends in the non-league days, part of football I miss now we're in the football league. My dad went to a few St Mirren games when he was in the navy, early 80's, I'll have to get some memories of him.
  10. Morning sons fans. I've written this piece on a family holiday to Balloch a couple years back where we bumoed into Ally McCoist, & met Dimitris Froxylias at the Rock. Hope you enjoy it. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/10/super-ally-dumbartons-dimi/
  11. Morning all. With a lack of top flight action of the weekend, this weeks piece touches on bumping into Ally McCoist, & a Wednesday afternoon trip to Dumbarton. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/10/super-ally-dumbartons-dimi/
  12. Thanks for looking into us mate, and thanks for continuing to do so. Theres a story with the accies but god knows what it is. We all just live it day to day. Not sure why you bothered with us a few years ago or what you're up to now but I hope you enjoy your football. Thanks for the reply mate. I'm a Burton Albion supporter, been watching us since our non-league days. However since 2013 I've done a Scottish Awayday a season (half-scottish so always had an interest in football north of the border). The night I had out at Hamilton was made special thanks to the Accies fans I met in the Vaults pre-match, a great bunch. So yeah, ever since I've kept an eye on your fortunes.
  13. Thanks LincolnHearts. Watching Hearts highlights I've quickly realised why he was allowed to leave, its not a style of play you'd incorporate him in. Great avatar by the way!
  14. Morning Hearts fans. I wrote this piece on Hamilton and Aberdeen, but threw in a few lines on Hearts too which I doubt you'd disagree with? Hopefully things will pick up for you and the football becomes a bit more palatable at the very least. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/03/able-accies-hopeless-hearts/ As an aside, I'm a Burton Albion supporter and have been very impressed with Ryan Edwards so far. Brilliant energy levels, he doesn't seem to stop running, which comes in handy in League 1. Has got himself a couple of goals too, pleased we managed to secure his services from yourselves.
  15. Morning lads & ladies. Have done another piece, touches on Hamilton Accies, McInnes & Aberdeen, with a few lines thrown in about Hearts. Hope you enjoy. https://jaygolds.wordpress.com/2019/09/03/able-accies-hopeless-hearts/
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