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  1. Also punt Wilkie has skill but only can play for20 minutes
  2. I agree with you except for Miller who I would punt the invisible man.
  3. I don't understand Murrays playing Mcintosh there can't kick a ball with his left foot especially with McDonald on the bench so he must put his hand up and admit he got it wrong but in fairness he changed it at half time.
  4. Bad decision leaving McDonald on the bench he wasn't injured if he was on the bench maybe there has been fallout with manager and player?
  5. Been with us to long has ability no left Foot and no dig
  6. Supporter for over 60 years have seen many good Airdrie teams just want to get back to championship level.
  7. Ridicules comment to make on young lads who are doing their best
  8. I have supported Airdrie for over 60 years I have just about had enough to survive at this level is an absolute disgrace If we get relegated I will not be back to watch this standard of football.