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  1. I agree with everything you said I have enough supported the Diamonds for 65 years sad ending for a loyal supporter.
  2. We have no width no wingers with Thomson injury and ORielly away back to St Johnstone.We should take a leaf out other teams that have been Promoted like Livingston big strong physical teams none of this crap playing out from the back when the players are not good enough and slow the game down
  3. Wedderburn is a waste of a jersey I hope he is not playing on Saturday.
  4. Roberts for Mckay and agree about Josh Kerr who seems to recovered from one poor game and has was really aggressive last week.iI think he is a class act and hopefully he is important to the team.
  5. Big Nat is the worst midfielder we have we have not lost a game without him.Mckay has not let us down I would prefer Roberts for his aggression and is a better attacking option.I don't know anything about Reilly and think he played against us I think we could play both Eckersley and McCann on left side of midfield.
  6. I agree with you about Roy a terrible first touch and I would prefer Roberts in midfield in place of Mckay although he is better than Wedderburn I thought Crighton and Kerr were outstanding today.
  7. Never got many games so would not like to make any opinion on the lad.
  8. Slower than me can't tackle can't jump I can't see how Murray rates him
  9. Didn't fancy the right back Mckay but don't like judging the guy in one game.
  10. Played out of position very right footed but I quite liked the look of him especially first game of season and coming back from injury.
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