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  1. Absolutely. Glad Doohan was dropped today. Houston & Kelly put great shift in today. Cracking goal from Forest
  2. Get a grip not even in the same level. He comes out and goes back. Yes not great at all but not Ruddy level.
  3. Played well up until we conceded then just fell apart. We had 7 players 21 or under playing last night people forget that. Sooner we get more experience players back the better.
  4. Don’t think he was flat footed the ball completely changed direction. The 2nd goal was cross from right cracking powerful header at back post so he got beat at back post. Sending off was straight red and you know Muirhead has that in his locker
  5. Think a lot is to do with how Moff plays. He has not been at his best since the Partick game and thats the last game we played with attcking flair
  6. Elbow across the face. Did any ICT players complain. Says it all I think
  7. You wouldn’t think that going by what I am reading on here.
  8. Have Ayr not been playing more 4 2 4. Forrest & McCowan offer nothing defensively. Moffat been out of sorts for weeks . Need to go for a more solid look against Dunfermline
  9. Better team in 1st half. Never a penalty. Dundee Utd were clinical in front of goal
  10. Would maybe have Geegan in for Houston. Houston bit to lightweight
  11. It took a deflection that’s how it beat the keeper
  12. Roscoe loses Forster the ball is on ground wide of goal don’t know how Doohan expected to come and take that. Six players 21 or younger we need experience players to step up
  13. Was a brilliant save fast of his line and not for 1st time Nesbit going down
  14. Think with the age of our squad the bleak winter might not be as bad
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