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  1. If you believe some folk on here then it has to be Darvel to win everything. Never were very gid.
  2. Count me in. gid workout against the accies on Saturday.
  3. Colville receive praise for there achievements over the last few years and I have also said in a previous post that I believe Mick has been a great ambassador for them. He is constantly on here fighting their corner for the abuse they get, which I do think is mainly down to jealousy. He will also take criticism when it's due. The social media posts by there player is only something I became aware of this week as the guy the bampot is targeting is a legend down here. Someone that is well respected in all levels of football and regardless of what this bampot has won in the game he will not achieve that respect. However I do not believe his antics on social media should be a reflection of Colville and I am sure the majority of their committe and Mick himself will be embarrassed by him. I seen from the exchange yesterday that he is also off to Darvel....unless the boy is a Messi or Ronaldo I would be having him nowhere near my team, he will only bring embarrassment to the club and would not be worth the hassle. Darvel seem to be well backed by sponsors from what I am reading and I am sure all the hard working businessmen that put their cash into the club will not be to happy about being associated with someone like that Just been reading all this and to refer to someone dying, is the lowest of the low. Perhaps they were all amateur for a reason. Utter lowlifes and to say, its now finished, been spoken to and move on says it all about certain individuals. Watched only junior and then Albion Rovers in my 71 years and never came across anything like this.
  4. Bring on the new season, canny wait to see the wee rovers go up the league
  5. As long as the hame dressing room is made bigger cos you will need it tae get the new managers heed in it
  6. Was told it was 0-0 at half time, must have been some second half and extra time
  7. Canny complain about the result yesterday,2 late goals fae the visitors done the business
  8. Looking forward to the game on Saturday against Annan,another win
  9. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Great result yesterday,well done the wee rovers.
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