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  1. The wee rovers were terrible today and were well beaten.
  2. Great first half fae the wee rovers, expected more fae QP but they were poor
  3. The wee rovers missed some great chances and the diamonds took theirs, not a bad game.
  4. The wee rovers were terrible against Stirling Albion. Nice wee ground forthbank.
  5. The rovers were again poor today, tidy ground forthbank.
  6. Thought the last couple of games were bad but this was the worst this season. Seem to be clueless all over the park.
  7. Never even saw oor goal as I had seen enough, rubbish fae start to 85mins.
  8. Losing to Cowdenbeath yesterday was hard to take, should have got at least a point
  9. Never seen darvel play but reading what's going on, looks like its money well spent. what's happening with knapp, read on here he was a bit of a player
  10. Terrible start against Edinburgh on Saturday,never really in the hunt all game
  11. Should have won yesterday against QP. Graham had a good game and missed QP scoring.
  12. budget mr t, a like that but every club has one
  13. Sad to hear this,dont know the guys but what is going on at ma once great Peasy ?
  14. Felt the wee rovers deserved a draw fae this game, never done enough tae win it
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