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  1. An extravaganza sounds an extravagant word for what we endure every week Still your players will manage it fine with their time wasting
  2. Am all for red lichties plan apart from going back to normal in 22/23 and Ayr going up. Now may be the best time to restructure if we get our act together and stand up to certain clubs
  3. On the bright side with nothing to bring him down Northfield might come back with a sunny outlook on life or he gets quarantined and the wive kills him or herself
  4. Here we go again same old names expect same result
  5. You can't believe he's still here but then you say next 1 has to be right He won't be sacked till a replacement is lined up as you say it needs to be made carefully. Do you think GN was chased before AJ was lined up
  6. He won't sack AJ till he has a replacement lined up another 1 of the roundabout and in 12/18 months it'll happen again Said before we need to get out of this break the cycle take a chance we have nothing to loose
  7. All aboard the express Northfields driving Not sure if its worth buying a return ticket
  8. Think this might be the 1 thread you start where no one can have a go at your negatively
  9. We are [email protected]#*cked if a players under contract don't let them leave in January unless we have better lined up If we have to take players on loan get our own up to standard in case there recalled A good manager in any other line of work plans ahead and has options
  10. 9 month ago certain people were screaming for AJs return now there supprised when he doesn't seem to show commitment What do you expect from a man who left us for supposedly better once before failed and came crawling back
  11. 20 - 35 the age you have a young family taking up your time and money in this low wage area its hard to justify the cost of a dad and 2kids tickets and food for 2hours possible entertainment
  12. We'll neither would get kicked oot o my bed for farting
  13. God forbid there should be an atmosphere especially at that farce Remember when we used to sing and drum all through the games when we had crowd
  14. Win our games in hand 2-0.2-0 we're equal 3rd loose 1 of them we're still well ahead of morton on gd. To many teams on 25 to see us even dropping to 8th in any rush Player wise it's looking tricky
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