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  1. I’ve seen plenty of posts from a selection of roasters on this forum saying that we shouldn’t be selecting players on the basis of the level they are playing at.....
  2. Cheated yet again Stonewall penalty not given and Sevco get a free kick after our player is fouled. New club, same old cheating
  3. “ not ready yet” depends entirely on who the alternative is We don’t have anyone else getting a regular game on the left. Phillips can play there but he’s been playing on the right. And we don’t have anyone playing regularly in the right other than Forrest and Phillips (assuming Snodgrass and Ritchie won’t play) On that basis there is no doubt that Johnston should be in the squad. He’s the best we’ve got if Fraser is out.
  4. Totally agree with you DZ Disgraceful decision All Saints fans should be boycotting the Sevco game
  5. Karma ffs! Comedy signing! He wouldn’t even get on our bench
  6. I really don’t understand why we should be writing these games off! It’s not like they’ve got Gascogne, Laudrup, Mark Walters, Trevor Steven, Fat Sally, etc. Ryan Jack and Scott Arfield are the main men these days! [emoji23] These guys wouldn’t even have been good enough to get into John Greig’s side in the 80s! Sevco are shite. Let’s get into the cheating cunts
  7. Hanley plays again, he’s got to be in the squad. Phillips back playing regularly again too. McLean on the bench. Palmer missing the last couple of weeks, Be interesting to see what the squad is Marshall Bain McLaughlin O’Donnell Fredericks Robertson Bryan Souttar Hanley McKenna Lindsay McTominay McLean McGinn McGregor Cairney Armstrong Christie Forrest Fraser Phillips Johnston McBurnie Smith Gallagher
  8. You pick Bates despite the fact that he can’t even get on the bench in the Championship and you leave out our only centre half playing regularly in the English Premiership? Clueless! [emoji12]
  9. McBurnie on the scoresheet today in the Premiership And we’ve still got a collection of absolute roasters on this forum who don’t think he’s our best striker! [emoji1]
  10. Well stop supporting the Old Firm if it makes you sad! I’m certainly not one
  11. “GMs Rome was to provide continuity in recruitment in the event of this summer’s managerial change” is not described anywhere on the BBC website that you have referred to frequently. But in any case, I do actually think that recruitment is part of his role. And also to provide continuity in recruitment. But that continuity should only go as far as scouting players! It certainly shouldn’t be to sign players! Just because we didn’t actually sign anyone, do you really think that Gus wasn’t actively looking for players? As an example, Goodwin himself said that Gus had watched McLoughlin last season. This was obviously a player we were after before Goodwin arrived. And we signed him the day after he signed for Hull City. We couldn’t have signed him any earlier even if Goodwin had been here! Is you hump that we didn’t actually sign players before Goodwin arrived? Or that we didn’t sign them in time for the League Cup? Do you really believe that GMs role was to sign players without a manager place? Why would you even want that to happen? We’ve signed what looks to be a load of quality players. In what has he failed?
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