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  1. No different from a bad flu season in Milan
  2. Or maybe it’s just not happening?
  3. https://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2020/04/04/the-coronavirus-and-galileo-an-interview-with-a-italian-nano-pathologist-dr-stefano-montanari/
  4. Report from the WHO states that: COVID-19 is transmitted via droplets and fomites during close unprotected contact between an infector and infectee. Airborne spread has not been reported for COVID-19 and it is not believed to be a major driver of transmission based on available evidence; In other words, you will not catch nor transmit Covid 19 by going outside or by going within 2 metres of people. Both of these measures as part of the lockdown achieve absolutely nothing.
  5. Michael Gove has instructed that no- one should go fir a walk longer than an hour, or run fir longer than 30 minutes or cycle for longer than 45 mins. Assuming that you also follow the government instruction or never being within 2 metres of someone else, can someone explain to me how walking fir longer than an hour or running fir longer than 30 mins will increase the spread of coronavirus?
  6. My original post this morning highlighting an article from a conspiracy theorist was about how debate is not allowed with regards to coronavirus. Asking whether the Swedish model might be a better strategy leads to abuse and being accused of having a callous disregard for life. Turns out the conspiracy theorist was correct. Meanwhile people are happy to believe that the Tory Government strategy is the only one that will work and believe everything the MSM tell them Its been a real remarkable turnaround in the space of a month.
  7. I suffer from really bad asthma. So does my partner. My mother has a life limiting heart condition. My father in law has cancer. My mother in law has COPD. The ‘double counting’ is my point. Doh!
  8. The Imperial College report states that stoping mass gatherings have a negligible impact on flattening the curve. Do you have any evidence that banning what you have described will have a greater than negligible impact on flattening the curve? Are you saying that Neil Ferguson is wrong?
  9. My position has never changed. I’ve got it right from the start.
  10. The Swedish model doesn’t allow for the virus to spread “unchecked”. They is okayed the very vulnerable, closed primary schools, banned mass gatherings, asked people to work from home where possible. Just the same as in the UK. The fact that you sink to personal abuse shows that you’ve lost the debate
  11. Do you have any evidence that this will set us back weeks?
  12. You are saying that kids were still going to primary schools after they were closed? You are saying that mass gatherings were still happening? You are saying that companies weren’t getting their systems sorted to that people could work from home where possible? As for the ‘advice’, which I didn’t mention in my post, the numbers going to pubs and restaurants were down. The shopping malls were very empty. People were reducing their travel abroad. The advice was reducing social contact.
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