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  1. And it's good to have you back. Took you long enough. 😜
  2. I've never bought a newspaper that he had an article in so my only exposure to him is on Radio Scotland. He doesn't really wind me up to be honest. He just strikes me as one of those journos who likes to make everything seem worse than it really is and be contrarian in order to get a reaction.
  3. I may have answered your questions had you not plumbed the depths and included the BJK pish in your post.
  4. He won't be a starting QB but this is the biggest year of James Winston's career. Drew Brees will retire at the end of next season so if Jameis can show Sean Payton that he is capable of not throwing the ball to the opposing Defense, he could find himself as the starting QB for the New Orleans Saints in 2021. That is one of the sweetest spots in the NFL for a QB. If Payton spends a year coaching Winston and decides to just release him back into the free agent market then Winston's career is seriously hanging in the balance.
  5. The big winner from this year's draft surely has to be.................................. Kliff Kingsbury. Must be awrite being that guy.
  6. If the Bengals truly believe that Joe Burrow is a franchise QB then they should take him. No matter what the Dolphins offer. They will get absolutely slaughtered if Burrow goes on to be a superstar while they are left with a guy who can't stay healthy(Tua), a guy who just isn't very good(Herbert), or Andy Dalton, as their QB for the next few years.
  7. Watched Pro Football Talk today and the feel they are getting from their contacts is that he might not even go in the top 10 due to question marks over his fitness, rumours are he needs another ankle op. Burrow is a stick on at 1, was impressed by his interview today and seems the Bengals are also very impressed by him. Still some time for some trading to be done, and one of the topics discussed today was the value of a pick this year compared to next year, as it's still unknown what, if any college season there will be in the autumn. The plot thickens........
  8. I like the way in which they have started on the left with the best uniform and then made each one incrementally worse until ending up with that monstrosity on the right. PS. Gronk is back! Did not see that one coming.
  9. Both the Lions and the Giants are desperate to trade out of the spots they're in. They have both handled the situation very poorly though and have tipped their hand to other teams. Detroit nailed their colours to Matthew Stafford's mast early on, so everyone knew they weren't drafting one of the QB's. Which inevitably meant they wanted out of the #3 spot. The Giants faking interest in Justin Herbert the last couple of days has just been laughable. Nobody is buying that at this late stage. It's a shame for both teams but if they do trade down I don't think either of them are going to get the value for their picks that they might have got in other years.
  10. In an ideal world I would like to see a sixteen team top division. You play everyone else twice, once at home and once away. Thirty league fixtures. This would mean more free weekends where League Cup ties and Chocolate Biscuit cup ties could be played. It would also lighten the load fixture wise for Scottish clubs competing in European competitions. I realise clubs are never going to go for it because it will cost them eight league games worth of money but I think it would be good for fans too, going to watch a game on Saturday afternoon is better than a Tuesday/Wednesday night(weather, travel after work etc). I would also like to use this unexpected break in proceedings to transition to summer football. Better weather and better pitches could only help enhance the quality of the football on display. I also believe summer football could bring about an improved TV deal for the Scottish game. If we were playing during the summer months we would no longer be competing for air time on Sky and BT with the English Premier Division. Indeed, these platforms might be delighted to have some live football to broadcast during the summer months and pay more for the rights to broadcast it. The transition would bring about some problems in the years where there are European Championships or a World Cup but I'm sure that could be worked around. Never going to happen I don't suppose but just one or two things I would like to see us try up here.
  11. The notion of a club that is a zombie reincarnation of a club that ceased to exist due to financial doping(and that is now itself using a fig leaf to cover a huge black hole in it's finances, in a desperate attempt to avert 10IAR at ANY cost) being a champion of sporting integrity is an amusing one I must say.
  12. I have them taking Jedrick Wills on my 'Predict the Pick'. Having a mule of a time trying to decide where Justin Herbert is going.
  13. True that. In most cases it is guess work or people just mocking the draft the way they think it should pan out. I could sit at home and do that for money. Nae bother at all. Where do I sign up? That's kinda what I was thinking too. It could throw a lot of teams plans up in the air if one or both slide past the sixth spot.
  14. You can never tell what teams are really thinking this close to the draft because they deliberately put misinformation out there to hide what their intentions really are. But just going by the things I have read and reading between the lines, it seems to me that neither Miami or the Chargers are all that enthusiastic about either Tua or Justin Herbert. I am looking down the draft board and having a tough time coming up with destinations for them if they are still sitting there when Carolina is on the clock. Surely the Dolphins are going to draft one of them?
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