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  1. 😄 Hate to disappoint you but I've never in my puff bought a copy of that particular newspaper.
  2. Could the 2019 Miami Dolphins be the worst team in NFL history? I've been watching the NFL for over 30 years and I cannot think of any team having a worse opening two games. Not only are they trading away any talent they had/have, the players that are left behind have already given up. This could be epically bad.
  3. Wrong. I have been boycotting the Sun and the Daily Record for seventeen years now.
  4. I think the media - and by extension - society - is losing sight of what "far right" actually is. I see Corbynistas on the telly regularly these days saying that the likes of Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab are "far right extremists". Absolute garbage. They are right of centre for sure, but are not in any way extremists. To put it another way, they are no more "right wing extremists" than Jeremy Corbyn is a "left wing extremist"(which he's not).
  5. Good to hear that GCC are finally considering banning marches on both sides. I hope they drop the idea of making it a temporary ban/cooling off period and just dingy it for good. These events are a magnet for trouble and do nothing but perpetuate historic divisions that badly need to be healed. The irony of the Grand Master of the Lodge going on the telly and crying about discrimination is absolutely mind boggling though. Necks and blow torches come to mind.
  6. Dreading this match. Been dreading it for weeks. I'll never 'settle' for a draw beforehand against that lot but if it ends up a draw it won't be the worst thing that ever happened.
  7. I was at the game v Brechin last weekend and while Rovers started the game pretty well they were dreadful in the second half. For some inexplicable reason they resorted to humping long balls up the park and their attacking threat pretty much disappeared when they did that. Their defence looked ropey any time it was pressurised too. Hopefully tomorrow they will try and keep the ball on the deck a bit more as they put together one or two good moves playing that way. The goal they had chopped off was a lovely wee move. Not making any predictions but hoping the Rovers can get back to winning ways.
  8. WastefulPowerlessHawk-mobile.mp4
  9. Yeah that would not alleviate the pain one bit.
  10. Another goal fest. Unfortunately the wee Rovers on the wrong end this time. I will be in Glasgow next weekend, I think I am going to take myself along to Cliftonhill and watch the Rovers take on Brechin. Watch, it'll be a 0-0 draw now. 😄
  11. Are you kidding? You can easily blame Neil Lennon for making a bad signing, picking the wrong team, or getting his tactics wrong. Y'know, football related stuff. If on the other hand people want to go down the path of blaming him for having coins thrown at him, being assaulted on the touchline, being left for dead in the street, or having bombs sent to his home, then those individuals may want to do some self evaluation on what their motives deep down are for coming to such ridiculous conclusions.
  12. It is clear to anyone with eyes and even a modicum of a brain which direction the Daily Record leans in when it comes to Glasgow's big two.
  13. Zzzzzzzzzzzz If you think the Daily Record is in the business of doing Celtic favours you are sadly mistaken.
  14. Fair enough. Each to their own. You would certainly be in the minority amongst Celtic fans I know in that case. I even had one Tim tell me they'd rather do 10IAR than win the Champions League. Have to say I thought that was rather ridiculous but there ye go.
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