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  1. Stirling Albion Thread

    That's good news. He is a quality defender and has great potential.
  2. Peterhead v The Binos

    Peterhead have been waiting a while for this chance and I can't see them blowing it now. 3-1 Peterhead. A good day out and I will miss the hospitality of the Blue Toon next year.
  3. Edinburgh City

    Tam - Edinburgh City have had an amazing season and totally caught us out. I would never have predicted the season and players that you have managed to bring in. That has to be down to sponsors and good connections.
  4. The Binos v Elgin City

    Football is a strange game - my take on it.... It should have been 3-2 at half time with 5 wonder saves from both keepers. Thought we edged the game up until HT. Second half Elgin were slightly better and therefore a draw would have been fair. But a great header won the game and we have lost up at Elgin in the opposite manner recently. As the manager said: we have 5 players out with injuries. When they return we will be stronger. Elgin and Stirling are mid table teams and very similar - open attacking football with defensive frailties.
  5. QP v Stirling Albion

    Agree - 0-0 was a fair result. Some good players missing for us...….Ross, Danny, Dylan and Neil.
  6. QP v Stirling Albion

    3-2 Stirling Albion goal frenzy.
  7. Binos v. Borderers

    Just about deserved the win I would say. Fantastic penalty from Dylan. I feel for Berwick, the points gift to Albion Rovers makes this tough to take. Interesting end to the season at the top and the bottom.
  8. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    It was an open game and first half could have been 2-2 with both sides having chances. We hit the bar and Peaso just missed. Clyde had a few chances too. Second half Clyde were the better team and deserved the win.
  9. Edinburgh City

    Annan v Edinburgh......is there a post match Edinburgh managers comments or silence in defeat?
  10. Clyde vs Edinburgh

    Still waiting on the Edinburgh City post match managers chat??? Seems to be only when there is positive result!
  11. Clyde Vs Stirling Albion

    Clyde are favourites but we have played well in recent times there. I am going for 2-2. But it is meaningless for us now as Annan are too far ahead.

    That will be the final table in my view since Clyde have fallen back, Peterhead have experience at the end of the season title race and we play the top 2 for our last 2 fixtures. Peterhead away and Edinburgh at home. Think we will lose away and win at home.
  13. The Binos v Albion Rovers

    I agree with everything said BB Bino. Maybe we need to go back to the middle three of Ronan, Dom and Danny. It was working well. Kevin is a new manager and will learn from this season. We also need three new players to strengthen the team- a tough defender, strong midfielder and a striker. Come on The Bino's Board...pull out the cheque book please. Support the manager and push for promotion next season.
  14. Peterhead v Annan

    Peterhead 2 Annan 1
  15. EC v QP

    Yes - all fans are welcome in the shed. Away fans walk along to the North end of the shed usually.