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  1. A decent result and first half performance. Next week looks tough with the other results.
  2. Very true - maybe we should close it down/liquidate and then re-open up again from a new beginning..........then go for 55 (in reality 1).
  3. Think defence needs cover. 2 injuries at the back and we are struggling. I would get a defender in.
  4. I liked him. A real footballer, good left foot and tried to play the game in the right way. Will be a threat going forward against any team.
  5. 3 young lads joined from the Academy. Into the 1st team squad. Wonder how many we have now?
  6. https://spfl.co.uk/news/fixtures-out-on-wednesday-46807
  7. Stranrear FC and Elgin CIty FC, I have to say both nice kits.
  8. We have signed a group of 4 new players with minimal experience. Hopefully they work out well for us. Craig Truesdale was never given a chance, like Josh Peter's both very good players.
  9. No midfield needed! Last season was front to back.
  10. The extra £50k made available recently for each club, will support testing and hopefully help the L2 games to start on 17th October.
  11. Seems to be. But not sure if he will have his contract extended as was dropped near the time of his injury. Good player, decent pace and a footballer. Like him.
  12. Opportunity for top 4 this season. QP and Edinburgh will likely be strong. The remainder is up for grabs. I think Annan have a good management team and set up with Cowdenbeath likely to battle away and fight for top 4. Think Elgin and the Bino's are looking for a spot too. So that's 4 teams fighting for 2 spots in my view. However there is always a surprise team in there - maybe Stenny.
  13. The new Stockbridge Edinburgh Accies rugby stadium would be a great option for Edinburgh City? That would the NEW best stadium in Scotland for venue and location....pubs and cafes.
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