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  1. Stirling Albion fans should be in the Champions League for partying while the team are League 2. Always like Annan away. Good hospitality and a decent club and staff.
  2. Cowdenbeath 2 - 0 Albion Stenny 2 - 1 Brechin Annan 1 - 0 Elgin Stirling 2 - 2 Cove Edinburgh 3 - 1 QP
  3. Always liked Peterhead. They play the Graham Brown Band (pro Indy) before games and welcome away fans. Good food choice too.
  4. Hopefully we stick with same team that played against Edinburgh. Midfield were excellent and our attackers were better as we are settling down as a team now .
  5. Funny how we all see different view points based on our allegiances. I am guilty too. My view was the Clyde defender touched the ball but went right through the back of Bikey - certain penalty. Ref was about to blow for Clyde player gaining 5-6 metres and throwing the ball leading to the goal, but just made an error and then the excellent finish from Daz. Tough one to take as it was the ref that cost us. Goodwillie's penalty was never a pen. He ran through, stood on the keeper and dived while twisting his body. Clever play from him but a bad decision from the ref. Good luck Clyde, I am sure you feel relieved as it was a close game. But the referee cost us the game.
  6. Tenkay, we have hope now. Gutted a dodgy penalty last week cost us a point at Cove but we are looking like a better team now. Elgin away is usually an open game with loads of goals and then Brechin. I would take 4 points form those games and keep progressing up the league for a final 2020 push. Seems like a fight for 4th between 5/6 teams.
  7. Our player is getting up off the ground and the ball hits his arm that he his pushing up with, he is looking the other way and doesn't see the ball coming at all?? Is that a penalty?
  8. Joke away but quite sad. I remember a Falkirk fan telling me how they all support the Bairns and Celtic or Rangers. This is not aimed at true Cowdenbeath supporters.
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