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  1. The foul count was 9 to 20, yet we had 3 players booked before Morten even had their first yellow, it ended up 4 each on the card count
  2. Looking on the bright side, its another week closer to getting Mathews, Spencer and a fully recovered never to break down again Vaughan back
  3. 3 points is 3 points, onwards and upwards from here................... maybe
  4. 2 goals in one game Hoe come its only our players getting bookings ??
  5. Get this 4-2-3-1 intae the sea, we've no got the players for it, and Gullan will be a No9 when Nelson get his eye back
  6. Maybe if this Dario fella was as much of an irritating cnut on the pitch as he is on here, he'd do ok
  7. Is this another example of our CEO failing at her job or not putting too much effort into it because her hubby is no longer at the club
  8. I can't believe some if the shit I'm reading on here tonight, aye lets just sack Murray and pay off his 2 year contract (with what), then try and replace him with who exactly, shall we ask McGlynn to come back again to sign more crap, feckin 2 defeats and we're already relegated in some eyes, Give the Manager and players a chance to gel
  9. Would McGlynn have done any better in the signing stakes if he'd still been with us, he would've had to replace a RB for Tumilty, there's no guarantee Bene would've got more than a year deal, Musonda was only signing a year at a time and coupled with being the spare man, he may well have been away in any case, leaving McGlynn to scratch about for CB's just like Murray At least give Murray a chance
  10. If Vaughan gets through training and can get 45 mins at a time on decent pitches to see how it goes, then take it from there, I hope it works out for him but its a weakness he now carrys. As for you know who, I hope its the directors that are paying his monthly wages out of their own pockets even if it does take another two year
  11. That puts paid to my theory about playing in pink strips being a jinx
  12. Cove, even with their so called abundance of cash are struggling to get players in, theres no experienced CBs out there for us unless it involves a huge transfer fee, Millen can play CB if a RB is easier to come by
  13. Who are the two rovers players that are marking nobody
  14. Captain sensible head on today, I don't for one minute think Murray is a bad Manager and given time he'll get the balance right, hell better Raith teams than this one have went up to Cove and lost even our win in 2016 was a narrow 2-1 Lets see where we are after 1st quarter and if need be, we can panic then
  15. Is everything alright behind the scene, are whats left of McGlynns signings not playing ball with the new manager or at least not likeing his style, how much impact did Berra suddenly packing it all in have on some players, albeit this kind of malaise at the club has been going on since November last year I wish I had the answers
  16. He's no too bad, has poor games, but in all honestly he never got the chance to often under McGlynn for whatever reason
  17. Feck we're in the soup the noo, never mind aboot drinking it
  18. Thankfully not, but a years still a long time in fitbaw
  19. Have the board got him working with one hand tied behind his back though and thats the cause of his signing woes, 1st quarter will see where we are
  20. I think it'll be a good while before we can breathe that sigh again, imagine losing all your CHs as well as you RB and replacing them with
  21. Can we get 4 goals of a start please, before you rip our defence to shreds and rip us a new one
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