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  1. I guess we'll never get to know who was lined up as his successor
  2. What is it Gordon Adamson would say. Something about getting behind the Rovers
  3. In a way I'm happy that at least we now have some continuity and he now has the chance to prove he is worthy of a shot at a higher level, who knows that could be with us IF he gets it right. But, I'm sure if there was something not quite right with the Dundee approach his card will have been marked
  4. Raft of new signings coming over the next few days.................. I can't wait
  5. I very much doubt the new regime will sanction any duff signings no matter who the Manager will be, one thing for sure is they didn't take this on to wallow about at the seaside anytime soon Well fingers crossed on that
  6. If that turd Steven had blew for the fouling on Akinyemi in the first place, there wouldn't have been a problem
  7. Shame about Young, but until we get a youth team up and running hes not gonna get game much time, Jamma well if it wasn't this year then he'd probably need replacing next . A goalkeeper 2 cb and 2 front men to come +
  8. Oh that's where he ended up, I wondered what happened to BRS
  9. The blame for all this uncertainty around Murray lies squarely at the door of Dens Park, and their amateurish way of going about trying to get a manager
  10. I assume hes been interviewed, and is mulling it over or Dundee are waiting on the last of their list to interview before announcing the winner (if you can call it that).
  11. Aye right enough forgot he played for them, what's Laurie Ellis doing these days
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