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  1. Regarding McNulty, there has to be a damn good reason hes still out of contract, given Arbroath, and a few others are crying out for a striker and we signed The Helicopter over him so something must be wrong with him
  2. If someone comes in for him in January, we'll find goals even harder to come by
  3. Watched the highlights , everything was going fine till the foul, and the positioning at the free kick, then what followed I expect we'll never see again, credit to the players though they kept at it till the end
  4. We won 4 games in a row. Everyone lapped it up. We've lost 2, now everyone is acting like the majority of the teams in this league aren't going through similar experiences? We went from second to seventh in two weeks. That's how tight this league is. We're not even 6 months in with Murray really. It's also hist first season in this league for a few years. Give the guy time. I was alluding to players making wrong decisions, nothing about Murray.
  5. Aye and the season before that Hearts put 5 past us, thankfully it was a pre season friendly lol
  6. It's been poor decision making all season so far, you'd think that would be sorted out a bit better before now , or is no video analysis being done anymore, I can see us having the same problems next season as we'll basically have the same players
  7. As far as I can make out it was 2014 against Livingston 1 - 5
  8. I was never a fan of this 4-3-2-1 system and it would seem the players we have ain't much good at it either, Mathews by the sound of it may require another op or a longer period of recovery either way he wont be back anytime soon mores the pity, I still cant get my head round conceding 5 goals at home, with 2 matches to go till the halfway point Ayr the Arbroath I hope we can achieve at least 4 points from it,.................. but
  9. Thank christ next week is the cup, although that's not a welcome break after today's humiliation, and with Ayr away the following week it could be another doing on the horizon
  10. At least the bottom 3 all lost as well, and we've managed to stay out of negative goal difference
  11. Team not good enough Murray's not good enough to take us to that next level, Have we got enough about us to avoid the play offs
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