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  1. Aye me n all, and all it would take is Berra to be injured and we're well fecked
  2. I think we'll see Murrays prefered line up next Saturday, we can't read too much into these pre season games but it is a tad concerning regarding the back line
  3. Cant go into the 1st game with this set up, I hope theres a couple of pretty good loanees available to us
  4. In this depleted market, Murray might come to rue his decision of not trying to keep Musonda
  5. If its gonna happen to him again, it'll not matter what surface he plays on, just hope this is the last if his injury woes I certainly wouldn't want him playing the full 90mins for a good while after his return though.
  6. Berra woefully short with the pass, but once again this passing back and forth around our own penalty area was our undoing, as for the game itself another good workout highlighting what we already knew And the gaffers interviews are like a breath of fresh air, he knows what hes doing and knows whats required
  7. Aye I thought that, would cost them a pretty penny that they dont have in any case, probably miffed cause they nevergot any of our players following McGlynn
  8. Whats all this horseshit some Falkirk fans are spouting about Ethan Ross on their forum, about him playing as a trialist for them
  9. Aye Murray is learning a lot about the defensive problems tonight it would seem
  10. I wonder if hes coming back to us on loan, or just taking in the game
  11. Aye, age on his side and maybe a good sell on for us............. if hes signed
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