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  1. Can we relegate the thread but leave some of the posters in the Championship? Preferably TERREGLES1919
  2. It’s in the accounts each year under pitch renewal provision - £20,000
  3. Don’t think I’ve ever seen it watered before the game or during half time which is a must for both grass and plastic pitches. The club put aside £20,000 each year for the pitch in the accounts so I’m guessing there’s £140,000 sitting towards a new 4G.
  4. The pitch is an absolute disgrace despite it passing all the relevant pre season tests each year.
  5. He’s been FT with Ayr United and helping out with his friends building company for some time now.
  6. 163 entries which I think is very good considering the season we’ve had and £70,000 raised plus the money from the company on the back of the shirt.
  7. I totally get the argument he’s paid his money and it’s not his problem one of his companies was drawn out but I still think he should of asked for his prize to be redrawn just like fellow director Craig Patterson did last year when his account company won a prize.
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