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  1. Long ball is frustrating but I actually can't blame the defenders for doing it. They have absolutely no creativity in front of them. Unless we get one or two (I'd accept competent at this point!) midfielders in then we are finishing in the bottom two. Absolutely but who’s to blame ? The manager for not signing some quality midfielders or the Chairman for not releasing extra funds ?
  2. Please do. Bring back the grass pitch to Palmerston.
  3. Just goes to show you know nothing about football.
  4. Eddie Warwick leaving and going to work in China. Good luck 👍🏼
  5. Thought we were at Ibrox with some of the Morton songs today . Big blue nose following I take it. Strange bunch 🤔
  6. Seven clubs didn’t have season tickets numbers available and eleven gave an approximate figure.
  7. Our budget is smaller than the likes of Alloa & Arbroath....? Seriously??
  8. It’s going to be a long wait until the January transfer window. Billy says no
  9. Was impressed with the Alloa midfielder with the long hair in a ponytail. Fantastic performances from him. Can we sign him today please ?
  10. Have you offered to relay the pitch, start a singsong, enclose the ground so the wind can't get in or pump money into the club to improve the squad? Have you ever had your hole ?
  11. The pitch is an embarrassment The crowd was dreadful The weather was windy and Queens were pish
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