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  1. Supporters and businesses have until 5pm tomorrow evening to enter so I guess we’ll find out then.
  2. I would think the shirt draw is going to be done online if the staff are still furloughed ?
  3. Certainly was but wasn’t given. Still sends shivers down my spine watching that AGAIN
  4. This remains one of my favourite Palmerston memories. 84 yards
  5. Still find it hard to believe that some fans thought Queens didn’t have a sell on clause included.
  6. Heard there’s a few teams making enquiries about Holty.
  7. This match remains one of my favourite away fixtures watching Queens. The fans were magnificent that night and it was made even better with a local lad scoring the winning penalty.
  8. With all due respect I think the Qos Trust are going a little OTT with their membership advertising. Every time I browse my usual Queens related pages on social media there’s yet another post. Think we’ve got the message now guys.
  9. http://www.qosfc.com/news-5063 Finally signed up for the Tanner Fund this week. Delighted to now be part of it.
  10. If it’s possible then I’m sure Queens will have a PPV scheme but I’m hoping we might actually be allowed into Palmerston by October.
  11. I don’t usually buy season tickets either due to work commitments but will be buying one this season. If ever the club needed maximum financial support then it’s now.
  12. I’m not sure that many players who’s contract finished in May and not extended like some other clubs have done will rush back to Palmerston.
  13. Had a quick look at what fundraising ideas a few other Scottish clubs have been doing during the COVID-19 crisis Ayr United - £100,000 AU500 fund raised over the last 3 years. Arbroath - £70,000 Buy a Brick scheme Raith Rovers - £96,000 Dunfermline - £50,000 and counting - Support the Pars Berwick Rangers - £11,197 gofundme page Some outstanding figures here. If they can do it then why can’t we....?
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