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  1. Morton v The Wasps

    Falkirk lose
  2. Morton v The Wasps

    The Alloans, along with the Pars, have been the away best teams to have played at Scapa. They’ve 3 of the best players in the league; the Goalie, Graham & Flanagan (he’s gotta be in the league team) but they find themselves where they are. If we hadn’t lost 6 points to them, which we did lose, look where we’d be btw. It’s a defo win on Sat for us, which going by the rest of the fixtures will put us back in the PO mix. Astonishing. Here’s to Thistle stuffing the honking mercenaries too!
  3. Not when the eventuality of visiting Stair Park nxt season occurs. Loving this misplaced confidence of certain survival in this league.
  4. Right you are, from the Alex Rae book of fundandry.
  5. Don’t flatter yer stinkin contingent, River Island. Btw, & the songs[emoji102]
  6. Go have a laugh at McKs post match resigning interview. He knows he’s gubbed. Ayr nxt Fri? 🤣
  7. No shots at goal 2nd Half; Fact. Down you go. Scottish Fitba’s we’ll rid of cretins.
  8. Eh, Falkirk FC are just a nasty nonsense. this casual element, in the Norseman pre game, a Battalion of silly wanes, but Horrible & Stinkin as is being reported thereafter. As if living in a Caravan wasn’t enough.....pray for relegation for you lot.
  9. Tidser to Tumilty to anyone- Goal. Simple. That’s how it’ll go. Meanwhile over in their gaff, they’re more concerned what’s goin on in the East end of the City. A strange, nasty bunch this lot