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  1. Was good for us, dynamic & worth a goal or 2. Great finish at Firhill for a win after getting pumped for 45 mins. Beside Tidser, a quality signing in that league. We’re now left with Millar & McA🤷‍♂️
  2. Good signing. Tore us apart in the 3/0 game in Dec at EEP. It’s happening...[emoji145]
  3. Dundee Utd Dundee Inverness Morton Dunfermline Thistle Alloa QofS Ayr Arbroath ....& the glory being Ayr pump FallKurk in the PO.
  4. Tidser can’t run, he swivels well, hasn’t a beard & his left foot is a Diamond. Unique, so your theory is disastrous. Caldwell to be gone by Oct btw.
  5. Going by the long club statement released today, they’ve no cash left but don’t worry some Sheikhs gonna bail them out, & Ray will not be heading to the beaches. Magnificent stuff.
  6. That ain’t no accolade, “some game” V a honkfest of a “team” (see League tble). If he goes, no loss. He had a dreadful season.
  7. In the context that Duffy wasn’t lauded, the facts are what they are.
  8. Duffy, on achievements, has been the most successful Ton manager since the great Bernard Rooney: League Cup semi & reaching the POs. Moore blew it at Firhill in April 2013. Irons was at it, & McInally came against the best Peterheed team ever. McCall? Please....
  9. Fall-kirk have no assets-fact. You don’t own the stadium, the playing squad under contract are worse than worthless (Paton, McLean et al), & your manager is 3 games away from getting a 100K payoff. Where as the Mighty; we have an academy driven midfield dynamo, similar to McGinn minus the left foot, as our nest egg, with probably a few others in the wings. This is notwithstanding the cash which is currently falling from the Heavens down on Sinclair St. Enjoy the Cairn Ryan Express.
  10. It ain’t really sonny. We’re awash with cash; 3Yr contracts, Tidser trebblin his wad, & no A90 for us. This time nxt yr....🕺
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