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  1. Canny complain about a dry pitch the morra, plenty o' rain forecast to keep it slick.
  2. Not so sure another striker is needed so soon in the season, only one of the chances on Saturday were missed by the lone striker in the first half when he lobbed the keeper but put it wide of the post. the rest were from attacking midfielders making runs into the box. Ben Irving was missing Saturday, so another option when he returns.
  3. Give it a rest, game is done with and a point is shared. He won't be the last manager to come out with this season at any ground if that's what he was solely intending to say. Unless you are the groundsman I see no need to be so offended.
  4. I think you're right on that, couple of decent additions in the Gala squad I believe but hopefully Dalbeattie can suppress the threat. Don't forget Dalbeattie are yet to hit the net also, you're not the only one! Edi Uni poor this year, love a trip to Peffermill, lovely wee ground.
  5. Pleased to hear that. He was criticised quite heavily at QotS for his lack of finishing ability when it came down to it and some couldn't wait to see him go. Whereas in reality, he would have been involved in assisting many goals last year and without him Dobbie would not have led the line for us due to his age. His energy is brilliant! Really hope he kicks on for you lot! Be good to see yous finish mid table comfortably again and hopefully get a good cup run under your belts!
  6. What's Dykes bringing to the table up the road then? Very much a target man if you haven't already sussed, and tasked with linking play from midfield to attack. Very useful athleticism when it comes to chasing 'lost' balls and making something of it. Wasn't a goalscorer of sort at Palmerston but never failed to put himself in a good position.
  7. Hoping to see Dalbeattie pick up a win against Gala this weekend, oh and East Stirlingshire to fire a few past Gretna if the Dalbeattie result doesn't come to fruition.
  8. Completely understandable, I just enjoy the unpredictability side of things. Allows me to have a good moan one week and clear the system, and then enjoy a relaxing pint following an unlikely win the other.
  9. I cannot stress enough how enjoyable I find it supporting a team who have the ability to show up and win 3 zip or lose to the same scoreline, beauty of the south.
  10. Nithsdale win. Vale win. Creetown win. Uppers win. Threave win. Bonnyton win. Saints/YM draw. Stranraer win.
  11. Gretna's pre-season hasn't been great, wouldn't mind seeing them fall away to the abyss. As long as Gala stay well away from the bottom, what an away day that is! Dalbeattie have recruited well, remains to be seen whether they are gonna take points off the teams surrounding them instead of leaving it down to taking points off the bigger teams in the latter stages of the season. Third game of the season against Gala may set the tone for the season considering the first two are against Kelty and EK 😒
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