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  1. Tynecastle also resigned from the U20s yesterday.
  2. There was certainly not any influence from Edinburgh City on the Ref to influence any decision, the fixture was moved in agreement with Edinburgh City to help Camelon play under the lights partly for the SFA coming to see the lights. Bottom line is there was 2 AR and the Ref there that night and the decision wasn't a flippant one.
  3. Kemlin Dan


    Overall Syngenta committee should all quit and hold their head in shame, they had a vision and idea to promote their pathway and have spectacularly failed, from EOS entry with U20s to losing their LK base and countless youths left their community teams in the space of months and then selling out their adult team all while shafting their existing Ammies team all in the name of youth pathway.. Good luck to the new backroom staff management team working with Syngenta cowboys.
  4. Watching Lithgae yesterday they had no heart or fight in that team, seemed to be without ideas as well on how to create something, not to take away from Camelon who basically walked the game but were under no pressure at all and by all accounts looked liked they could have stepped it up a gear or 2 more. Lithgae will be lucky to finish above 12th this season with their last league win 24th August to 3rd bottom Dunbar and 9 points from the bottom 3 teams and Blackburn,also watching the Musselburgh highlights who mauled them and they're 4th bottom at moment. The future is not maroon at the moment.
  5. https://www.falkirkherald.co.uk/news/people/what-led-little-kerse-to-give-sygenta-juveniles-the-red-card-from-pitches-1-4988898?fbclid=IwAR247DXAsAYF2gW4J25fZeckTrug6w-IIAfRH9W9XmcG--TFfnfe9EveCoc Hopefully the link works, pretty much a poor year for Syngenta, lost a few teams, rejected from EOS and 20s.
  6. Looks like a vote in next AGM that King Cup will be First Division only and 2020-21 still to be decided and " to be considered in due course"
  7. looks like it hasn't been sorted yet as both are showing in same spot, inter conference games aren't seeded, its a full 12 games(6home/6away) on top of your own 22 Conference games..
  8. Are Alloa and East Fife getting entry from invite? Any info on how that works. I wonder if more 20s that got scrapped will appear in Lowland.
  9. "missing the boat" if you hung onto the dreams of Juniors then yes you missed the boat and will go where you belong Tier 7. There is a mixture of clubs who decided to stay out the pyramid and ones who missed the boat by not following their own destiny and leaving it to others to make that choice for them.
  10. You would think that level of preparation they would have had their house in order regarding what was needed to gain entry, scrambling around for a venue in the last week of the EGM after failing to relize that the 2 previous venues fell short, saying that blagging the Grangemouth Stadium as a viable option with out proper research and jumping into making big appointments before researching LK would be suitable says it all for me on Syngenta. Looked to be a blind application and trying to put bandages over everything to get their way in failed and rightly so.
  11. Syngenta had no plans as they don't own LK they just lease it, there was always going to be issues on who was getting LK up to standards due to it being leased, I believe there is no plans and was never any plans from Syngenta to get LK sorted which was a concern for EOS. Over the course Syngenta made very little efforts to get into EOS considering they applied in July 2018. The Grangemouth Stadium was a half baked attempt knowing the athletics situation for 6 months of the year(saying to EOS that it wasn't an issue)would prevent them playing there and they decided to play dumb,they then offer Dunipace a share for a season with no plans to move out of it for the 2nd season. Syngenta applied to EOS like they do with everything else thinking they were dealing with youth set ups and could blag their way in. Not the kind of teams we want in the league in my opinion, 10 months to get work carried out or negotiated with LK owners should have been their priority so they could have presented a real application that showed intent to move forward.
  12. No surprises on one of the applications being refused as pointed out on various previous posts as to why they wouldn't get in.
  13. Thanks for that, pretty quick turn around on that one, wonder what the reasons behind could have been
  14. Took in my 2nd Bo'ness game today and again I left fully entertained, was a fantastic day in the sun, the Bo'ness Committee left today with their pockets a lot lighter as I was selling donuts. Bo'ness committee were a credit today in their hospitality considering they are not in their usual home. I will look forward to my 3rd Bo'ness game.
  15. Clubs were notified on procedure and intended timescale on the 4th April,as it has been pointed out its Easter weekend so don't be surprised that the SFA have not took that simple factor onboard and clubs will be left waiting until Tuesday no doubt.
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