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  1. what is happening with killie ams many including myself favourite for the league
  2. does anyone know who is playing in doolans testimonial? been trying to find both line ups but struggling
  3. wheres the friendly this weekend? got stuff on at night this week so cant make training
  4. Thanks I’m looking for a new team and wasn’t sure how many were close by. Do you know much about stewarton?
  5. wondering what local teams there are around stewarton and the local area? any help is appreciated
  6. has the new manager brought any new faces in? how is the squad looking for the coming season?
  7. How are stewarton looking? New manager any new players?
  8. when is the leagues announced for the lower divisions?
  9. any word on stewartons new manager or who it could be?
  10. any truth in the rumours its tierney?
  11. wonder if any other shortlees players will be joining keir
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