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  1. Stewarton win against galston today but look a much poorer side than 2/3 months ago. Looked like they we’re missing a few regular players as well
  2. Stewarton new manager

    any idea on who will get it perm then?
  3. Stewarton new manager

    still no manager for stewarton as far as I'm aware? whos taking the team currently
  4. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    I think the thread was trying to establish what happened. I thought I’d tell them what I know
  5. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    how would it be reported? captain involved in bust up with assistant manager on eve of the biggest game of the season, player released. other clubs would think he's trouble
  6. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    marsh didnt want to go to the police about it at the time, due to him being released and was worried it would affect his chance of another club
  7. CSAFL

    big game for garrowhill as well if they want to reach the play offs
  8. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    not going to reveal it here
  9. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    well from a reliable source its assault marsh was basically attacked
  10. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    not think its shocking the AM is still in a job and marsh isnt?
  11. Cowdenbeath lose Captain

    wasnt an argument hitting someone at the end of training when they are talking to others doesnt sound like an argument to me
  12. Whos going up n down then ?

    saying that a win over drogan at the weekend is a start
  13. Whos going up n down then ?

    yeah I'd agree on that jim does well with them and a decent buch of boys. big effort though
  14. Whos going up n down then ?

    hope killie afc make the plays ofss
  15. CSAFL

    fancy fallin for it