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  1. where are these players going?
  2. any truth in the rumours its tierney?
  3. Stewarton new manager

    do you have a new club?
  4. Darvel Juniors 2018/19

    wonder if any other shortlees players will be joining keir
  5. Garrowhiil

    Yeah hard lines, it was close there for a bit but in the end Bridgewater probly just done enough to deserve there playoff spot. yeah I would agree the table doesnt lie and they've done more than enough to be there, its another close but not close enough for garrowhill
  6. Garrowhiil

    wasnt at the game so dont know what happened but calling them out for going on social media then starting this post of with dry your eyes for next year seems like you are also having a go two wrong and all that
  7. Garrowhiil

    yeah they gave it a good go though couple of games they dropped silly points probably cost them
  8. Players looking for teams thread

    yeah based in swinton
  9. Players looking for teams thread

    what east end teams?
  10. Stewarton new manager

    think its one of the CM's
  11. missed the stewarton game but terrible result anyone know what happened in the game?
  12. Garrowhiil

    Yeah I agree with you about fallin just possible mathematically but really unlikely they don’t win the league. Depends what garrowhill show up but suppose it’s the same for most teams. I’ve got a feeling they will do it beating bridgewater is a massive boost for them
  13. Garrowhiil

    I'm not with them just follow some amateur teams but yeah think they can 3 games in hand and still to play fallin so could take it to two points in it big ask but. hopefully they make the play offs they are a well run club
  14. Garrowhiil

    should be a decent game garrowhill have a few big games coming up still to play fallin rgm and bridgewater again I'm sure
  15. Garrowhiil

    looks like there could a play off spot for garrowhill after a massive win over bridgewater at the weekend